Remembering Guy H. Kemper
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"He was always so lucky and such a grand person..."

"...a splendid officer and a popular man in the Squadron."

".. has always done his duty as befitted an officer of the U.S. Marine Corps."

"... Navy pilots and others thought the world of him and said he was a 'pip' of a flier."

Welcome to the Guy Kemper site!

This site was begun with the purpose of honoring and remembering Guy Kemper , a much beloved member of our family. Born in Cisco, Texas and a Son of Abilene, he was an extraordinarily dynamic individual who, from early boyhood, always dreamed of flying.


This collection of photos, stories, and letters, generously shared by family and friends, attempts to offer a profile from the scattered bits and pieces sharing his legacy with an every-growing family. Much like his father, Guy "threw a wide loop" during his life touching the lives of so many. As new, updated, and/or corrected information and photos become available, those will be added.

Explore these pages and become acquainted with Guy, his friends and family, the aircraft he flew, and some of the people and places encountered during college and military service. Learn what is known of the events of December 19, 1943 and the difficult, occasionally mysterious, times that followed and about the continuing efforts for answers more than 60 years later.


Since many of us could remember, our Uncle Guy always held a very unique and special place in our family. Because his presence predated most of our births or memories, our physical perception of him was two-dimensional, black-and-white or sepia, framed, usually in uniform, and perpetually 22.

We came to know him through the stories we heard from our grandmother, parents, and others. Stories of a vibrant, congenial, intelligent, and talented man remarkably special to all who knew him. These shared recollections were told with great fondness, often humor, and, very often, much sorrow.

Thus shaped the image of our silent relative we could never see nor touch seen only through the eyes of those who knew him. We could never fully appreciate the magnitude of his presence, nor comprehend the grief of his loss.

What's new -

The story of December 19, 1943, plus 14 new letters (both before & after December 19), more photos, and more on the way. Stay tuned.

The subdued links will be opened at a future date when those pages are complete. Please check back for updates.

Kemper, April 1943
Guy home on leave April, 1943

Site Guide
  • Early Days - Growing up in Abilene, Texas, his passion for music and aircraft , participation in the Abilene High School Band , and flying lessons from a Texas Aviation pioneer. Stories from childhood through high school.

  • McMurry College - Class of 1942: This is a collection of mostly photos and memories during the college years to graduation including notes from a few friends and teachers.

  • Flight Training: Guy's enlistment in the US Navy, Basic Flight training at Dallas, Fighter Training at Corpus Christi, selection of the US Marine Corps. Then, Operational Training at Melbourne, Carrier Training in Chicago, finally, training at El Centro, California, and assignment to Squadron VMF-216. Also, photos of friends and acquaintances, aircraft, and the last visit home.

  • South Pacific: The journey to the war zone and to far-away places such as Espiritu Santo, Efate, Russells, and Bougainville with stories of some of the Squadron's experiences.

  • December 19, 1943: The bomber escort mission over Rabaul and the combat involving Captain Faulkner's division.

  • Aftermath: The arrival of the dreaded news back home and the story of it's impact on family and friends.

  • Today: The continuing efforts to seek answers and how modern technology may offer clues to the past.

  • Gallery: A collection of mostly family photos and additional photos

  • Acknowledgements: An expression of gratitude to those who have shared their time, resources, and memories.
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