Early Days
Early Days | Abilene High School Band | Drum Major
Abilene High banner
Abilene Eagles
Abilene High School
Abilene High School in the mid-1930's
The Abilene High School Marching Band
R. T. Bynum
Raymond T. "Prof." Bynum
Prof. Bynum, known as the father of high school marching bands in Texas, organized the Eagle Marching Band in about 1926. At about that same time, he hosted John Philip Sousa, "The March King", to direct the Eagle Band. After 20 years at AHS, Prof. Bynum left to teach at McMurry College in 1946. Though retiring from his post at McMurry in 1972, he always relished any opportunity to pick up the baton and had directed some even in his early 90's.
Abilenians Win In Band Events
Abilene High Eagle Band, 1936
Abilene High School Band, 1936 - upper left inset, Howard and Guy.
Photo made on the steps of the old Fair Park Auditorium
Band Honors
Guy at about age 14 with tenor sax honors
Guy at about age 14 with tenor saxophone and honors
Abilene High Orchestra, 1937
Abilene High School Orchestra, 1937.
Upper left inset: Guy and Roy.
Guy with tenor saxophone
Howard remembers: Mother
"Many of the band or orchestra competitions and concerts would feature individual solos. Mother often played the piano accompaniment for Guy and other soloists. Of course, Mother could play anything they put in front of her and would have a rehearsal to get the number down with the soloist. Then, she would add her own little flourishes to the accompaniment which made it even better. The kids were all very fond of her and she was surprised that they would all take to her like that. They would all say, 'Gee, you're so lucky to have a mom like her!' "
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