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Mother and Dad's 26th Wedding Anniversary Mother and Dad's 26th Wedding Anniversary
Mother and Dad's 26th Wedding Anniversary

The Kempers celebrate their 26th Wedding Anniversary. A letter arrives from Doris Nowadnick.
   August 1-5
Tuesday, August 1
Hello my fren! How are you? It's a very busy day to-day I washed – ironed – took two sun baths and a million other things. Howard called out and talked to Frank. Isn't it just grand he is so near home. Mrs. Tate phoned me. Mildred & Tommy were in Midland and would be here sometime tonight. Frank phoned me and told me they had an open house at the base and he was going to have to march at 5:00 so he wanted us to come out -. I called Howard and finally got in touch with him at about 5:00 – we made it but a bit late -. Saw Frank at the Officer's Club – we all had dinner together -. Then we came in town & looked at pictures and ran all over town. Saw your Mom & Dad & Judia Faye at the bus company -. Frank left for the base at 11:15 – He’s got a girl named – Jean. Isn't that a pretty name – Ha!
Wednesday, August 2
Howard ran into Mildred and Tommy at the Green Frog last night -. Howard invited Tommy to go to Kiwanis Club Luncheon today. Howard really had a good time with him -. He showed him off – made a big speech – oh you know Howard. Then, in the afternoon Howard & Tommy went to the Air Base & Camp Barkley -. We put on our bathing suits & and washed their car. Then later in the evening Mrs. Tate, Mildred, Tommy, Howard & I went out to the State Park on a picnic -. We made flash pictures. After check-in we took Mrs. Tate home & came back over here and developed pictures 'til about 5 -. Tommy had pictures of Rabaul City, Bougainville & all around those parts – the air strips, volcanoes, etc. -. It was nearly like a visit with you – we felt like you were somewhere near.
Thursday, August 3
We all got up about 10:30 – Oh! I forgot to tell you Howard & Tommy slept out on the ground -. We fixed breakfast over here and then they went home -. About 4:00 here they came – we went over back of McMurry and made pictures – in color & black & white. Then we had a picnic in our backyard -. D. J. really had fun romping on Tommy & Howard. Then James Philips came out -. Mrs. Tate was here too – we all worked the Ouija board – and we had fun -. We asked it al kinds of questions about you -. James went home at check in time. We ate – talked & developed pictures the rest of the night -. We thought about you and wished we could hear from you -. Roy is still grounded – he is in the hospital.
Friday, August 4
Mickey and I fixed Tommy & Howard a super duper bed out in the yard. We made a sort of a tent so the sun wouldn't shine in their faces in the morn. Mrs. Tate stayed all night too -. We slept crosswise on our bed – Oh! we felt – awful today -. I fixed breakfast and Tommy & Howard went to get parts for Tommy's car. They plan to stay & get King to fix their car. We went over to Mrs. Tate's and ate supper –and had watermelon in the back yard. We went visiting around the neighborhood then we went riding in our car. Then we came out here and Howard & Tommy drank beer and we just talked -. Then H & Tommy went to check in & we fixed their bed in the yard again for Mic & Tommy.
Saturday, August 5
We got up about 10:00 and I fixed breakfast – and then Howard & Tommy went to see about their car. Mic & I cleaned house -. Mrs. Tate came over & she & Mic ironed. I made punch and we ate a snack -. D. J. was here most of the time some days & nights I left her at your Moms. Howard & Tommy went to the Reporter News for an interview they made H & Tommy’s picture together. They came late in the evening. Howard made a freezer of ice cream. We went down and made your Moms & Dads picture – their 26th wedding ann. – then we came home & ate ice cream. We slept on the kitchen floor & they slept on our bed -.

   August 3 from Doris Nowadnick
At Home
August 3

My dear Mrs. Kemper -

Doris Nowadnick
I received your letter yesterday and was delighted to hear from you again. After reading about all your recent travels, I can well understand why you haven't had time to write.

I know you must be proud of your gold and silver wings. The night Bill asked me to marry him, he gave me a pair of small gold wings and when we were married he gave me his big ones. Just before we were married, he gave me a gold and silver Marine pin set with rhinestones. It's beautiful, but if I wore all that and the silver bar, I'd look like a portable hardware store. When he's home, I don't dare go out without at least one of them on. So - I usually rotate them.

I hear from Bill quite often. He doesn't say much, but I do know that he's on a carrier and is in the Mariannas. He also says that life is boring, but I think that's just to keep us from worrying. With all the fighting that is going on out there, I just don't see how it could be boring. I certainly wouldn't be bored; I'd be scared silly. he doesn't know when he's coming home, but he still thinks it will be before Christmas. I hope so 'cause I'm so very lonely. I'm going to meet him in California and we're going to have our honeymoon before we come back up here. We haven't had time to have it yet.

Monday, the 31st, was our first wedding anniversary. Everyone was so lovely to me, but I'm afraid I wasn't very good company. That day, of all days meant so much to Bill and me - and to have to spend it thousands of miles apart - well, it wasn't easy. I realize, of course, how lucky we were to have those heavenly four and a half months to-gether. It was more than we thought we'd have. i just can't be gay and cheerful all the time. Bill's mother is so pessimistic about Bill's return that I have to be a "Pollyanna" constantly, but there's a limit to it. so - I allowed myself the luxury of tears that day. I had one pleasant surprise. Bill's mother and my mother gave us 8 cream soup spoons for our silver. They're lovely and I'm so proud of them. My set is almost complete. I have 8 knives, 8 forks, 8 salad forks, 8 teaspoons, 8 butter spreaders, 4 tablespoons, and now the cream soup spoons. I'm awfully lucky to have this much of it, when sterling is so scarce. I also have most of my crystal. I haven't started my china yet. My mother is going to get it for me, but the pattern I want isn't available right now.

Bill had sent me 100.00 some time ago for our anniversary. I put part of it in the bank and with the rest of it, I bought a cocker spaniel puppy. He's three months old now, golden buff in color, and simply adorable. His registered name is Sentinel O'Gold, but that's much too dignified for this champion chewer-upper of house shoes. So - I call him Sandy. He's horribly spoiled, but I don't mind. He's wonderful 'cause I tell him all my dreams. He sleeps in a basket by my bed each night.

I don't know whether I told you or not, but Bill's mother is from Holland and is a wonderful cook. She's been teaching me some of Bill's favorite dishes. I can hardly wait 'til he comes home and I can start keeping house again.

I've been busy lately, knitting for the Red Cross. It's a lot of fun, but I got into something I can't quit. I want to make an afghan for myself, but every time I take a sweater to them, they give me more yarn and send me home. I don't mine making the sweaters, but I would like to get started on my afghan.

I just realized who Bob Martin is. His mother wrote and asked for Bill's address right after I came out here. She used to have a boy's rooming house at college. Bill went over early and stayed at her house once. I think I've met him but I'm not sure. I knew that 216 & 217 were to-gether because Bill told me that he and Bob Burton were to-gether now.

Believe it or not, but it hasn't rained for three whole weeks. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Bill's young cousin, Ann Lee, has been out here and she and I go swimming every day. All the cherries are ripe now. So - I practically live up in one of the trees. I'm so brown and healthy that Bill won't recognize me when he comes home.

Just keep hoping that Guy will come home safely. In a letter from Bill, he said that if he were ever reported missing, I shouldn't give up hope. he says there a re thousands of tiny little islands out there that will be loaded with downed pilots when the ware is over.

Well, 'tis time to feed my pooch.
Do write again.
All my love

Monday - the 7th

I'm such a goon that I addressed this to Abilene, Wash. Naturally, it came back.
Bill's brother is home on leave and we're all having a grand time - wish Bill were here, too!


The Howard Kempers have a barbecue. Lt. Gerald "Dopey" Anderson stops by and Cousin Frank visits.

   August 6-12
Sunday, August 6
Tommy didn't want to stay over at the Tates -. We slept late and then ate breakfast and sat around – Howard got his horoscope book and read everyone's horoscope. Howard & Tommy are supposed to get along – and have readings very much alike - . So they said they were matched – and called us their mis-mated wives -. They teased us constantly. Mic & D. J. & I went to a show. Tommy & Howard went to the air base. After the show we went to the grocery store – and got some stuff for a picnic -. Mrs. Tate came over -. We had a chicken barbecue out in front of our house -. We ate at 4:00 AM -. Howard made flash pictures and we all slept on quilts in the yard.
Monday, August 7
My fren never eat barbecued chicken Mexican beans onions etc. – at 4:00 AM in the morn' – it makes you feel like all -!!-*-#?! early in the morning. We took to Mrs. K – so we could sleep. Howard & Tommy came in the house to sleep & we went to Mrs. Tate's to sleep -. We got up at 2:15 to come get H & T up for check in -. When we got there they had gone – and all the all the cover blankets etc. were wet – it had rained - !!! Everything was soaked! We went to the bus station. I heard from V. J. she said Roy was still grounded. We ate hamburgers at Mrs. Tate's and Mic went to bed. Howard and Tommy brought me home. And they went to check in. And they plan to work on T- car some -.
Tuesday, August 8
Tommy & Howard came in at 8:00 – A. M. - - -. Mic came and got me & we got D. J. – and went over to her house. Tommy slept til' about 4:00 – then we came over & woke Howard up -. Tommy & Mic had a water fight out in the yard – I got into it too – our clothes were soaked! We went over to Mrs. Tate's – Howard & Tommy hadn't eaten so Mrs. Tate fixed them eggs, etc. -. Mic put flour pepper etc. in the electric fan – it ended in everyone covered with flour -. That was good for my asthma. Mic packed – I went to sleep across the bed so did D. J. They left about 3:00 AM. We sure hate to see two of the swellest people in the world leave.
Wednesday, August 9
We slept late – because those kids left about 15 'til 4:00 last night so we were really tired -. I did manage to get up & 3 meals cooked and the dishes washed but that's all -. I wrote letters – D. J. played paper doll. Howard – stayed at the bus station a while and then went over in town to buy photo supplies – he's so behind in his work – honestly it will take him a week to catch up. Frank phoned and gave me the description of a girl – he wants a date for tomorrow -. Roy is still grounded -. Your Mom still has Judia Faye and they really have a time. The color pictures we made when Richard was here came & they are sure good - . Corin was over this eve.
Thursday, August 10
I sure was sick all night – I took cold & with the asthma it isn't much fun. I took a sunbath – maybe it will help me -. Frank phoned – he will be in this eve. Howard developed two rolls of film before he went to work this morning. Say I forgot to tell you my fine feathered hens laid 7 eggs yesterday -. Sure enough Frank called again and he was in town so we went down and got him -. He went with us & ate dinner at the Pig Stand. Then we came home and he listened to records – and dreamed of the gals back home -. He & Howard downed a bottle of beer -. He watched Howard develop pictures – he had never seen it done before.
Friday, August 11
Lt. Gerald Anderson <br /> Abilene Reporter News

I was sorta taking it easy around the house this morning not just breaking any bones cleaning house – when the phone rang - ! Brace yourself – it was Dopey! Yes none other than Lt. J. G. Gerald Anderson in person -. He and your Mom & Judia Faye came out – Howard made some pictures of him they should be real cute -. Howard took him down to the Reporter News & got him interviewed. He wears a gold star on one of his ribbons but he can't us what it is or what it's for -. He’s got to go back sometime in the next few months -. His orders so far are he'll fly the Corsair -. Howard plans to develop pictures all night. He is so far behind with his work.
Saturday, August 12
This morning we went by & got Grandma Kemper & we met Dopey - your Mom & Dad & Judia Faye at Sayles for breakfast. Dopey was dated up last night so we planned the little breakfast for him -. I think everyone enjoyed it very much. Dopey had to leave for Big Spring – soon afterwards. Howard came home and went to be -. He stayed up all night developing pictures. And say the ones of Dopey were cute -. And we made one of Frank – it was good too -. You remember we made your Mom's & Dad's picture on their wedding anniversary - well they were grand! Everyone enjoyed seeing them. Howard left this eve for Big Spring with a bus load of women! Whatta you think - !
Howard considers going into the photography business, gets some pointers from local photographer, Mel Thurmond, and purchases a $100 camera. Roy leaves for San Antonio, then stops by for a surprise late night visit.

    August 13 - 19
Sunday, August 13
Mrs. Tate came over last eve to spend the night – well – we gossiped 'til 2:00 A.M. – Frank called last night to tell me he was going home -. He wants a car – so he can go & do as he pleases -. He'll just about get one too -. I was puny all night with asthma & felt too punk to go to church today -. Howard came in tired the passengers were soldiers instead of gals -. They all got drunk etc. -. He was glad to get home. James Philips came out and I fixed supper. Howard just purchased a camera from him for $100 bucks -. Oh! I dearly hope he makes it pay for itself -. We may be going into the photography business – in a big way – I hope so -.
Monday, August 14
A hectic nite – say, Boy – I looked at the clock in the nite to see what time it was & it said – 20 'til 5:00 – now maybe I should have said morning. I was nervous and just couldn't bat off the hrs – and sleep -. Gad – I thought if I have any more company – I'll - - - - - -. So in walks Jerry White. She stayed til one o’clock -. D. J. & I went to bed – then the phone rang all afternoon – Grrrr - - -. Your Mom & Judia Faye didn't go anywhere today just stayed around home -. I got a letter from V. J. – she is sure homesick -. Roy left today for San Antonio – I don't know what for -. Frank called – he went home over the weekend and is tired so he'll remain at the base. Howard is developing pictures -. Nighty nite – my fren -. Jeannie's going to try to get some shut eye -!
Tuesday, August 15
Howard developed pictures all night -. I got up an finished drying them -. Your Mom stayed in pretty close with Judia –
Aunt Charity and Uncle Charlie Langford and Grandmother Kemper
Aunt Charity and Uncle Charlie Langford,
and Grandmother Kemper
Today is Charity's birthday so Howard went over and made her picture -. Frank called and he may come in tonight. Everything at the bus company seems to be going good these days -. Say – a bit of news -. Allies land on the southern coast of France. They are advancing with not too much opposition and no air power -. Frank came out this evening and we played records and made some pictures of D. J. and him -. Howard developed pictures again – I sure hope they are good -. I had better go to bed – I feel rather badly -.
Wednesday, August 16
I woke up about 9:00 and D. J. said Howard had just gone to the bus station. Well, I could tell by the looks of things that he had not been to bed -. He went out and delivered some pictures and went to show D. J.'s pictures off they were so good -. My but our child is photogenic (ahem!!!) Future Powers model – ah!!! Proud parents - - - pardon us -. I felt punk all night – it was a hot night – but I slept with a heating pad on my chest & back. I went to a new Dr. Thurman – I had to wait 2 1/2 hrs for my appointment -. Howard stayed up all day studying his pictures – Mr. Thurman gave him some pointers. He slept 'til check in -. He really doesn't get enough sleep – I hope it doesn't break his health.
Thursday, August 17
That was the first night's sleep in about a month. But I really feel weak & funny today the Dr. gave me some stuff to take & it made me cough -. He gave me a shot – if it doesn't swell up – then he will give me a bunch and this new drug has cured some people. So cross your fingers for me -. Howard made our neighbor's baby picture this morning I hope tis good -. Then he ran into Mr. Culwell downtown this eve you know I think I told you they are getting a divorce and so he wanted Howard to copy a picture of Jerry & His wife -. So Howard is doing that this evening. He's got lots of pictures to print tonight. Your Mom washed today – Judia Faye spent the day with Mrs. Fox -. Your Dad went to the auction sale. Your Mom got a letter from Roy – he's still in S.A -.
Friday, August 18
Howard worked on pictures all night last nite. I got him up in time to take me to the Dr.'s office at 2:30 -. Then, he went to the bus station. The Dr. gave me a full shot of Hyphlmine the new asthma drug -. Hope it cures 'ittle Jeannie. D. J. & I went by your Mom's and visited with she & Judia Faye. She and Judia rode out to our house on the bus. Howard came in a little bit and we went down and got stuff for chicken nests -. He saw Frank downtown he plans to go home this weekend -. Howard had pictures to work on again so – he plans to stay up all night and get caught up -. I sure hate for him to stay up so much he doesn't get enough sleep.
Saturday, August 19
Sure enough Howard stayed up all night 2nd night in a row -. He went to sleep early and slept 'til 6:00 PM and he sure needed it. Mrs. Tate came over this morning and helped me clean house. I don't feel so well after the shot – the Dr. gave me. Dopey came in this eve he plans to spend the night with your Mom. James Philips & Howard & D. J. & I ran around town etc. – 'til about 11:30 then we got home about 12:00. The phone rang & it was your Mom at 12:10 – in the night – said she was coming out to see some pictures – phoney!! Sure enough it was – She had Roy with her - ! Yes the little brother. He & Howard & Lynn ginned off to check in -.

Verla Joyce leaves Mission and travels to San Antonio where Roy is checking in. Mother is busy taking care of Judia. Jean's health begins a downturn.

   August 20- 26
Sunday, August 20
I woke up & Howard had not come home -. The phone rang it was Howard he had driven Roy & Lynn to Cisco to see Frank. They ate breakfast with your Mom – Dopey came in about 4 AM he ate with them too -. Then he took off for Lawn where his Mom was -. Howard came out here & D. J., James Philips, Dalton Sarrels & I headed for the ranch to make pictures of a little baby donkey! I rode in the rumble seat & got blistered -. We came back and ate dinner with your Folks -. We stayed with Roy 'til he left -. He was sick with his stomach when he left – and couldn't eat any dinner -. Then Six of us James, Dalton & his wife & baby went on a picnic – then looked at color pictures over at the Sarrels – Boy were we tired and ready for the bed.
Monday, August 21
Howard worked on pictures last night so he really slept this morning. D. J. stayed here with Howard and my neighbor while I went to the Dr. I came home & worked around the house all day & Howard went to the bus station. He really made some cute pictures of the donkey -. Your Mom phoned Ikey was here so your Mom & Ikey, Judia Faye, Howard & D. J. – and I all went to Fair Park -. D. J. & Judia went in swimming. Then we took Ikey to the bus station and waited a long time for her to leave -. Finally we left her and came on home so Howard could work on pictures before check in -.
Tuesday, August 22
Same ole story "Poppie" Howard did work on pictures again -. He counted his money this eve that he has taken in on pictures and it's $75.06 pretty good -. I'll be glad when he gets all organized so he can work in the day rather than so late at night -. We took the kids to the park again today. James went with us. Howard made a couple of pictures of D. J. -. Then we left D. J. with your Mom & Dad & Judia to swing. We met them over at Faith's later. Faith is sick and not working right now. Grandmother K – Charity – your Folks were all over there. We came home so Howard could rake in some more cash on picts!
Wednesday, August 23
Howard was supposed to go to Kiwanis today but he was too tired. He's got to get more rest some way -. Your Mom got a letter from Roy – they are still checking him – and haven't found anything yet. V. J. is leaving Mission and going to San Antonio today. Judia Faye really keeps your Mom hoppin' -. She's at that age where she gets into everything etc. -. Your Mom doesn't have an idle moment -. It's a pretty good thing – your Mom doesn't have time to worry about you -. Mrs. Clark called today she's got some more pictures for Howard to do -. She got a letter from Paul today -. Isn't it grand she can hear from him -! Nighty nite Guy – We think of you each day -.
Thursday, August 24
Howard was invited to the Lions Club today but he has been up so much he was just too dead for sleep -. I went to the Dr. and took another shot. Judia Faye spent the day with her Grandmother Fox -. This shot began to make me feel badly – about 2:00 PM and by 9 PM I had to call the Dr. my temp was 101.5° and I seemed to have a chest cold – I coughed spit up – hurt in my chest and back. Howard went and got your Mom to come out and spend the night. They got out here about 12:00 -. This house is a wreck -. I hated like everything for your Mom to have to come out here to such a mess -. Boy, I'm really sick -.
Friday, August 25
Your Mom slept like a baby last night. I'm sure glad – I thought she wouldn't changing beds. I was really sick all night -. The Dr. said this morning for me to remain in bed and take the medicine he sent. Your Mom & D. J. cleaned house – you can imagine how much (help) D. J. was. She played like she was a Red Cross nurse all day. Some helper. Your Dad went to the sale today. Your Mom & I took a good nap -. Howard has gone this evening to make Helen Ann Reynolds Salt's picture & her baby's. I sure hope he has good luck. I guess your Mom will stay again tonight. Nighty Night – Guy -.
Saturday, August 26
Your Mom stayed again last night but I was much better my temp is 100 ° Last night and this morning it fell below normal -. I had to go to the doctor again and take a shot. Your Mom kept D. J. while I went to the doctor. Your Dad came out for dinner. Howard developed pictures last night so he is unconscious today he's asleep -. You Kemper boys – sure have a clear conscience because you sleep so soundly. Helen Ann came over and brought her baby -. Your Mom ironed and cleaned house for me and then went home. Your Dad & Mother too Pap – back to the ranch late in the evening.

   August 27-30
Sunday, August 27
It rained this morning pretty hard. Your Dad got 3 inches out at the ranch. I feel pretty weak today but I think I'll be ok. Howard went to check-in and came back and you could never guess what we did -. Nothing, yes sir, D.J. just played around took her usual nap -. I straightened around and Howard lay around on the bed – we had no company nor telephone calls -. Now this is a very unusual thing for us it's seldom we ever have an afternoon to ourselves. Late in the evening just after dark – the phone rang it was James Philips in Hamlin and couldn't get home the bus was loaded & Howard had to go get him – That was the end of our evening.
Monday, August 28
It really rained this morning – I thought goody 'tis a day – I can take a general house cleaning -. On days like this no one would go a visiting -. Just as I was in the middle of everything – knock! knock! A girl friend of mine from Big Spring - She wanted Howard to make her little 2 year old boy's picture. My dear sister spread it around about Howard's photography. And I might add she wants a commission – the worm. We made the pictures then I went shoppin' with her. Gosh! She’s a nervous wreck – she sure let the kids get on her nerves. I came home and finished my house cleaning -. Tis a good thing because James came home with him.
Tuesday, August 29
I dressed early and D.J. & I went to the doctor -. I took another shot -. Whoops! They went up a dollar on me $2.00 now instead of one -. Gosh! at that price they better cure me. I went by your Mom's she plans to make a cake and have Frank come in and eat it. I came home got Howard and he & D.J. & I ate dinner out -. Then after check in we went shopping -. He bought a new jacket & 2 new pairs of pants -. D.J. got a new pair of white shoes -. And I bought groceries – and chick feed -. You guessed it I got them at Thornton's all of it – just like the rest of the country folks.
Wednesday, August 30
This morning Howard woke me up to tell he as a photographer he was a flop! He worked all night trying to make some good prints and didn't have good luck at all. About 7:00 it started raining and it poured down 'til about 2:00. Gosh! I've never seen so much water -. I fixed a real good dinner & H. didn't like it rather he teased me about it. Our color pictures came in and they were sure good of D.J. Mrs. Tate came over and spent the afternoon -. I washed woodwork & made two pies. Howard came home for supper but had to go back. Frank phoned he's leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks to gunnery school. He's coming in town sometime tomorrow he said.
Thursday, August 31
I got up early and ironed then D.J. & I went to the doctor and I went shoppin' for D.J.a bonnet -. I found a dilly $3.50 ugh! Too cute to pass up tho' – so I wrote to my Mom – to get it for her – for her birthday. D.J. and I went by your Mom's – she and Judia were all cleaned up. Your Mom had made a cake and invited Frank in to eat dinner tonight. I took D.J. home so she could get a nap -. Howard said he would pick us up about 6:30 and we would go down and eat supper with Frank. D.J. and I caught the 8:00 bus -. My husband doesn't keep dates too well -. Anyway we all ate dinner together – Then – off to bed – ho hum -.

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