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Howard fly fishing - Summer 1944 Uncle Ray Judia boating on Lake Cisco
Howard fly fishing Uncle Ray on Lake Cisco

   July 1
Saturday, July 1
You might want to remember that today Capitola and Little Marie have birthdays. Wow! D. J. and I sorta let our hair down this morning after the past two weeks -. Mrs. Fox brought Judia Faye & her bed down to the store for your Mom to keep. I hope she can get her straightened out soon if anyone can straighten her out your Mom can. And too they will enjoy having the little one around. Howard developed pictures last night – see he is planning on going into the business -. Honest we plan to make pictures and let them make us a down payment on a house. Swell don’t you think? Wouldn’t it be just too wonderful if the dear pictures did pay off that good -? Cross your fingers for us -.
A friend, Sam Phillips, is home from Tarawa and says Marine and Navy pilots there knew Guy and had good things to say about him.

   July 2 - 8
Sunday, July 2
I guess you know what happens every week at this time. D. J. & I march off to church -. Howard developed pictures all night so he was too tired to attend church. We went by your Moms to see Judia Faye she looks a little better today. We went out to see the "newest Clark" again and made more pictures. You guessed it he worked on pictures tonight -. Say you know the Robot bombs that Germany is sending over England are certainly doing great damage -. They just fly through the air unaided & land where they may -. Civilians & children are killed in great numbers every day. Our Fleet sunk 5 Jap ships – today. Since June 10 we have destroyed 826 Jap planes -. Isn't this good news! –
Monday, July 3
Well, Monday mornin' tra la – tra la – you know the ole blues song?! I got a letter from Kay Nagle (Olivadoti) saying she didn't have any more records of your voice -. Darn it! I had hopes we could hear more of your voice -. Your Mom dreams of you so often -. They seem so real to her – Say I never did tell you Roy was flying near the U.S. Naval Air Base at Corpus and he got low on fuel and got in a storm & couldn't make it back to his base in Mission – so he landed at your old base & spent the night -. Some experience, eh? I think he got a big thrill out of it -.
Tuesday, July 4
I feel more like this is July 4 1776 – than 1944 because – I feel rather dated today for some reason or other -. The news in the Pacific is good – today -. Mrs. Fox took Judia to the country today -. Your Mom & Dad went out to the country too to gather vegetables out of the garden -. In the afternoon Howard, your Mom & Dad looked at movies Roy sent back. Gunnery reels – I think -. I wrote letters and worked in the yard – a fine way to celebrate the 4th -. Dorothy Jean has a caterpillow she's going to watch it turn into a butterfly -. She's going through that age – curiosity kills her -. Howard develops pictures this evening -. Made prints of the 7 year old negatives of yours -. Also some pictures for Roy -.
Wednesday, July 5
Your dear Brother & my dear husband woke me up before 8:00 AM this morning -. He had been up all night developing pictures – and was slap-happy -. We went down to your Mom's to show her some pictures – and ate breakfast -. Judia & D. J. played -. Howard made a super-duper of Judia -. Howard went to Kiwanis today at noon -. In the afternoon I kept a lady's baby – and ironed. Your Mom took Judia & D. J. – to Fair Park to play and they really had a good time. She took them at 6:00 and didn't get away until 10:00 – they wouldn't leave -. Sam Philips just back from Tarawa said he saw some Marine fliers and they told him about you -. It seems the opinion is you were quite a pip – in the air – and everyone sure liked you -.
Thursday, July 6
I got up full of energy – I had to be full of energy because this eve when it got cool we headed for Big Spring. I cleaned house and really worked -. I packed my bags and got all set to go -. Your Mom came out and brought Judia Faye -. D. J. & Judia Faye played out in the back yard -. I'm sure glad they are getting along so good now -. Say Guy, did you know a guy by the name of Sam Philips – he asked if they had heard any more about you. It seems he was on some island when some Navy pilots landed – they told him you were missing. He said those guys –sure thought the world of you and said you were a pip of a flier. We arrived in Big Spring at 12:00 -.
Friday, July 7
We got up & went to town – I bought me a new hat – saw lots of kids – and such I knew -. It's sure good to see everyone again -. P.S. everyone is having babies! Ahem except me! Say they said on the radio today that they had a wounded German prisoner and they were giving him medical attention – they started to give him blood plasma – and he stopped them and asked if it was British or American blood. They said, "British -." He refused it and preferred to die – he did. Big news -! They big B-29's bombed Jap home naval base Sasebo also a twin attack on industry at the "Pittsburgh of Japan" Yawata! Boy, I'll be glad when they can bomb Japan like they dive bombed Germany -.
Saturday, July 8
I guess this is getting to be boresome – If so – I'm sorry – because – it's sure hard to try to keep up with everyone in the family. Now, like while I'm away as a rule your Mom keeps notes for me and writes me so I can write more about what they do -. So far I haven't heard – so I'll carry on if you'll be patient -. We really didn't do anything except go to town like all country folks do – on Saturday. So let me tell you what happened this morning -. Real early D. J. got up – walked sleepy eyed over to Mother's bed – crawled up in Mother's wheel chair & said, "Grandmother?" "What Dorothy Jean?" Mother replied. "Someone's going to have to pick Mother's daughter up off the floor." "Why D. J.?" "Because there's a hole in the cot!!" Some kid!! Huh?
Jean and D.J.attend a family reunion in Midland. Mother receives an invoice in the mail for a box of returning items belonging to Guy.

    July 9-15
Sunday, July 9
My istersay went to a coffee this morning and stayed all morning. Dad took Dorothy Jean to Sunday School and I stayed with Mother -. You see Mom's not too well now – I hope she can get to feeling better soon it worries us so -. And 'ittle Jeannie can't sit down – I hurt my tail bone -. After dinner Mother played bridge so Dorothy, D. J. and I went to Midland to see all the folks. My Grandmother gave me 11 pts. of currant jelly – wasn't that nice and sugar is so hard to get -. It was hard to sit – I tell you -. Oh! yes – Friday nite your Mom & Dad went to Cisco to see Frank he was on his way to Baton Rouge, La. Frank is really doing ok in the Air Corps.
Monday, July 10
Today D. J. and Dad went down town shopping. They bought color books – crayola's, water colors, new panties, paper dolls and I don't know what all -. D. J. calls my Dad her "Shoppin Man" -. Back at home Aunt Ikey & Uncle Bud came up and spent the day – they are both getting new glasses. Say there was a German taken prisoner in Normandy and he said his officers told him the German Luffewaffe was in Italy and when he was on the Russian front the Luffewaffe was in Normandy and when he was in Italy that it was in Russia and now I want to know where is it!! Those poor Germans – really get handed a line don't they?
Tuesday, July 11
The first flash on the radio – Caene, Saipan in Allied Hands - !! And Russians pour into Lithuania. Now isn't that news – great! I didn't tell you Capitola measured your Dad's feet when she was here so she could have him some nice boots made -. He just received them and it is a shame – he can't wear them they are too small -. There wasn't much to do today so I made D. J. some white panties and put lace on them -. They really look cute on her. For your information there just aren't any panties in the stores with elastic in them – and it is indeed a problem – I was just lucky enough to have some elastic -.
Wednesday, July 12
I phoned Howard today and told him not to come and get us because next Monday night we're all going to Midland to a family reunion. I can't wait 'til that many Irishmen get together to see what will happen. Say, here's something pretty good -. Howard said tell you -. A Jap jumped up in mid air and yelled in English, "I'm shot!" A Marine close by opened fire on him and yelled back – "Shot, hell you're dead." That actually happened – I thought it was pretty good too. I wish I knew what the folks were doing back home but I'll bet it is the same run of things – Your Dad went to the country or Auction Sale – etc. -. And I'll bet they thought of you today, too.
Thursday, July 13
This day started out with news flashes. Soviets at Germany's Gates – Nazis nervous. Yanks within two miles of St. Lo- hub. FDR – says he'll do like a good soldier would do – stay in there and fight – he'll run 4 terms if he is nominated. All of this is good except the following story and it's the talk of the town today -. A boy back from the invasion front said he saw paratroopers hung from the trees – with their heads cut off -. The boy said, "Germans hung them up there with their feet in the air the stumps of their necks toward the ground – almost at eye level -! One look was enough. I saw another with his throat cut - ." Isn't this awful -! Oh!
Friday, July 14
I washed and made me a pair of shorts today – And my Mommie spent the day away from home. Honestly that gal gets around in that wheel chair -. If I felt like she does I know I wouldn't go anywhere. I would probably stay at home and gripe! Say – Our boys captured some Jap's in the South Pacific and they sat around and sang Japanese songs all the time. This disgusted our boys so they began to teach them a song in English -. On the ship home they continued to teach them this song - . They didn't know what they were singing -. So when they got to America and were marching down the gang plank – on their way to the prison camp – they burst forth with – God Bless America. Pretty good – huh?
Saturday, July 15
I got a letter from your Mom yesterday, she said she and your Dad went to the ranch yesterday -. Mrs. Fox kept Judia Faye -. She also said the garden was sure looking good. She said several nights last week she dreamed of you - . Bless her heart she never sleeps – I don’t know how she lives -. She can't eat much of anything either. Oh yes, she said she got the invoice to your box of things they will be sent from Utah. And they checked your things – and listed them June 12, 1944 – Imagine, your birthday!!! She said Aunt Ikey was down a couple of days this week -. I had better get some shut eye – so until tomorrow nite, nighty night!!

Hitler injured in assassination attempt Tojo resigns
Hitler injured Tojo resigns

The news reports an attempt to assassinate Hitler during his headquarters visit at Rastenburg, East Prussia. After the Japanese loss of Saipan in the Marianas and other defeats of the Japanese military forces, General Hideki Tojo resigns as Prime Minister of Japan. A family friend, George Campbell is reported missing.

   July 16-22
Sunday, July 16
Dorothy Jean and Dad got up and went to Sunday School – they really thing they are important. Dorothy, D. J. and I ate dinner down town with Mr. Garrett -. You should have seen D. J. she acted so big. She picked up the menu and pretended she read it and ordered as big as you or I -. Then we went to the show to see "The Story of Dr. Wassell". It's a true story of a Navy doctor and grand. Then we came home, dressed and headed for Forsan 15 miles out south of here to Ben Le Fevers to a swimming party & picnic. You know dry me – well they served mixed drinks -. Huh! What will I do? So I sits there crunching on the ice in it and smelling more like a brewery every minute. I sipped a little and gad I know my hair stood straight up – then. If I ever was glad to see a fly I was then – bless it, it went swimming in my drink – ah, at last – an excuse – so I set it down -.
Monday, July 17
We all got up – everyone washed and set their hair and buzzed around getting ready to go to Midland for the picnic -. D. J. went out and told my Dad to come in and wash & roll his hair up so he could go -! The mess! We arrived in Midland at about 8:00 -. There was my Grandmother and all of her children there and she was so tickled -. We had chicken barbecue two kinds of salad – beans, onions, olives, pickles, potato chips – ice cream & cake – and ice tea -. Boy did we eat -. My little ole Grandmother hasn't a tooth in her head but she ate chicken barbecue just the same. We all arrived home late -. There were no fussing – not even a scratch – but you might know something would happen if that many Irishmen got together – It rained!
Tuesday, July 18
You remember I said it rained in Midland – well it didn't even as much as sprinkle here in B. S. Say – here's sumpin' funny or awful -. It's a $50 fine to water your lawn – trees, wash your car or run an air conditioner -. The water supply is awful here – . It hasn't rained here in gosh knows when and everything is dead -. We are all plenty tired today from the barbecue last night -. Guy, it ain't right – I tell ya it ain't right – for these young upstarts to trifle on their husbands - !!!! I'm a bit old fashioned whatta ya think? You know all the kids you knew here – well they are all married – and All I mean All trifle -. Ain't it awful -!!!
Now is the time all good wives went to sleep – so good night!
Wednesday, July 19
Well I was sick all day – so I stayed in bed -. It's a good day to be sick if there ever was a good day to be sick -. The Democratic Convention started today -. It's the biggest in our history. The Texas delegation are Anti-Roosevelt – and are really acting awful -. Roosevelt was nominated for the 4th term -. Tomorrow we should hear who will be nominated for vice-president -. Say – ole Tojo and his whole darn cabinet resigned today! I hope they all get mad and quit! Oh! gosh I feel so awful I think I'll give it up as a bad – try & go to sleep -.
Thursday, July 20
Me today? Oh! I feel fair – but I’ll tell you I really felt better after this news broadcast this morning Hitler was nearly assassinated. Yes sir! Isn't that exciting news -. The German broadcast revealed that there was an attempt to assassinate the head of the Super Race! It happened by an explosion and a number of his cabinet were seriously injured – and one or two killed. It wouldn't be our luck for him to be killed. My mind just rambles – around – there isn't a darn thing a stirin' around this berg -. One day back in Abilene we had company and the little mess asked – "What would you do if your Dear Mother threw her daughter's films away? -." Big talk – No?
Friday, July 21
The most startling news of the day – George Campbell is reported missing! I don't know when I've heard anything that struck me just like that. Poor kid – I sure hope he shows up -. He was lost over Germany. His wife is living with his folks -. You know her Mother practically disowned her when she married George. So Helen doesn't even visit her Mother -. There never was a finer boy than George – and I know you thought the world of him. I wish I knew Helen I would go see her -. I talked to Howard today and He told me this -. He says he'll come and get us when he can maybe tonight maybe Monday -.
Saturday, July 22
I had a brain storm today. I decided I wanted to pick out some silver, crystal and china -. So Mother & all would have something to give me on Birthdays & Christmas. Dorothy and I went downtown and looked -. Dorothy said forget about silver til after the war. I don't guess Jeannie will ever get things like that -! I always wanted things like that more than anything. Maybe, there'll come a day and if so – well – Jeannie buy & buy – til there ain't nuttin' else to buy. I should be ashamed to talk so nutty but me lad it tis true -! Darn it!

Follow-up from the Marine Corps
Letter from the Marine Corps

Guy's niece, Judia Faye has a birthday and the box of Guy's property finally arrives from the South Pacific. Mother is very emotional when opening and going through it.

   July 23-29
Sunday, July 23
In Dallas, Texas, Police picked up a shaggy-haired young man they found on the street late at nite, dressed only in long cotton underwear. At headquarters he explained, "I'm Heckter. I hails from up yonder by Weldon, Ark. One nite Maw was reading to me out of a book and she came across a sign that somethin' about how you can learn to be a great singer from a teacher in Dallas. Maw made me a pretty new shirt, give me some money and showed me the road to git a comin' this way. I wasn't never in no city before today. A feller showed me a house and I talked to the folks and they give me a room with the softest, dangedest bed I ever see. Come last night and I got sleepy. I took off all my clothes but my drawers and - - - well - - - I had to go. Well, I went out in the back yard to go but there wasn't no path leadin' to the place I wanted to go and I couldn't see no little house. Well - - - I got turned around then and I couldn't tell which was my house so I started walkin' because I was cold." After explaining city ways to Heckter, the police took him home to bed -.
Monday, July 24
Dorothy, D. J. and I went down town -. Saw more boys – I went to school with some "Loots" – and some a little of everything. Say, this poor town is drained yes – of liquor and men, too!!!! No kidding men that have kids 10 – 11 and 12 years old are gone to the Army. Gosh! I wish this awful thing would end!! Howard phoned today – and said he would come and get us in a day or two. The house is a mess and he, get that, he wants to clean it up -! Golly he better that's grounds for divorce! The bus co. coming right along – still a little headache. Well, me fine Brother nighty nite!
Tuesday, July 25
You know that's what I like about my husband – your brother – er – anyway he never sits down and writes Jeannie a single little letter and put a 3¢ stamp on it and put it in the mail -. No! He never writes just waits a couple of weeks and phones and talks an hour -!! Did I tell you Howard is taking a lot of that baby stuff out of Judia -! Yes, he says – she romps and plays now – pretty rough and really has fun. You know in a day or two that little mess has a birthday. Can you realize she's 2 years old? Just the spitting image of Roy – cute I think -! That D.J. will really have fun when we head back toward Abilene if & when our "Poppie" comes for us -!
Wednesday, July 26
(no entry for this day)
Thursday, July 27
ToDAY is the Birthday of Judia Faye
Your Mom made Judia Faye a birthday cake angel food -. Mrs. Fox made ice cream. This is Judia's second birthday, yes sir, two years old -! Judia still has that awful heat on her – poor kid -. I think there is a doctor that can help her – there is something in her system feeding her poison. She has just one boil right after the other. They didn't celebrate her birthday they said they wanted to wait 'til Dorothy Jean came back from Big Spring. Here are some facts – you might want to know -. Judia is as sweet as can be but she frowns all the time like Roy – does -. She can't talk hardly at all her voice sounds like she is hurting every time she opens it – it squeaks -. What will my next one do - ?
Friday, July 28
I woke up, glanced in on the living room and there was Howard – with his mouth wide open and his glamour legs showing -! Dorothy and I dressed in our "Summer Sisters" dresses and went to a cake party. We had a nice juicy gossip session – but don't we always - !!!! We came back – Howard & D. J. had gone out to eat – so Dorothy & I ate out too -. We went out to Jake Douglasses to make some pictures. He has a new $10,000 home – it's very nice -. We came back and ate supper – got ready to leave and Mother gave me 12 nice hens - . We tied them on & here we went -! They made the trip fine – it was D. J. & I that were tired! We arrived about 12:30.
Saturday, July 29
We got up late and ate dinner & breakfast combined at the Pig Stand -. We got the mail there was a letter from Roy – saying he was still grounded – because of upset stomach -. Judia Faye looks a little better but she still has those awful sores on her head -. Sort of a heat – infected. Oh Gosh! Your box came today Guy -. Bless your Mom's heart – it was hard to open -. We combed through it for some picture of you – but there was none -. Bless your heart you had my baby's picture with you -. I wish you had brought the box home yourself and this awful thing was over -. Tears filled Howard's eyes when he opened & read letters he had written to the best Brother in all the world -.

    July 30-31
Sunday, July 30
I'm a naughty girl – I didn't go to church -. I'm still tired from the trip and be – sides I left my hats in B- Spring -. I really worked trying to get the house in order – my dear husband proceeded to mess up good while I was away. I lost track. I forgot to tell you yesterday evening we went out to Mrs. Fox's and made pictures of Judia Faye & her cake -. We all ate cake & ice cream & Judia really had a good time. She got several gifts and D. J. had as much fun as she did opening them. Lynn – has the worst case of Poison Ivy you've ever seen -. It's all over his stomach – ribs & back – legs & arms -. I met a friend of Howard's – James Philips last night – he ate supper with us -. P.S. He's a good dish washer too! HA!
Monday, July 31
Well, today is supposed to be "blue Monday". I believe but 'twasn't so blue around here -. Pretty day – and the war news gets better every day. Today the Russians entered Warsaw -. Now that is real news -. Your Mom was rather busy with Judia Faye all day -. I took myself a sun bath this morning – imagine an ole duck like me – trying to pick up a bit of glamour -. Huh? Howard brought James Philips home for dinner this eve -. I had chicken pie and such – he seemed to enjoy it. Your Dad phoned & asked us to go see Eddie Cantor in 'Show Business' -. He said to meet them at the show in 15 min. We did & guess who walked up with them -. None other than the Frank Judia -.


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