December 19
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Reply from the Red Cross Howard has the fishing bug
A reply from the Red Cross Howard has the fishing bug.

A friend, J. E. Newby, stopped by to visit. He had completed 9 months of duty in Italy. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox dies. Prof. Bynum stops by at the bus station and comments about Guy and the war.

   May 1-6
Monday, May 1
Yes sir today is the day of fishing season. I hoped all day Howard would catch fish and so he did -. He came in so tired and sleepy and with lots of nice fish. He cleaned them and took his Mom 6 and we kept 6. We ate fish until we couldn't -. Baby really loves to eat 'em, too. I made pies & cleaned house while it rained hard outside. I'm afraid Howard has the bug – you know fishing bug – or hasn't he always had it? Huh? I don't know a good fish story so I'll say good by -. Nighty, night!!
Tuesday, May 2
I'm planning to fix the apt. all over – so today I made the photography cabinet over. D.J. played out with 6 kids in the yard -. She's really getting a tan – You could never guess who spent the afternoon with Howard -. J. E. Newby – remember him? He was in Italy for 9 mo. and he filled his 50 missions in that length of time -. He didn't tell us but he had decorations – the Silver Star and 9 Oak Leaf Clusters – yes I said nine. We made his picture, too -. Say I forgot to tell you – he's leaving Friday for California – to get married -. Secretary of the Navy Knox died today of a heart attack. I sure hated to hear it because his place will be hard to fill -.
Wednesday, May 3
I've been worried about Baby's throat for some time – it bothers her a lot – but I guess all great singers have that trouble -. Ahem! So this morning I took her to the Dr. again -. You remember I told you about Jim Thorp getting drunk Sun. – well today Howard fired him – or maybe I should say "let him go". For sometime Jim has lost interest and did more harm to the equipment than good -. I think it's a wise move. The man in charge now is very dependable and a real worker -. He has a wife & 4 children and he has to work. I guess time will tell. Jim's son is in the Marshalls now.
Thursday, May 4
I wanted to shop a little so D.J. and I went to town -. We went by your Mom's and she was so sick I wish I could get her to a Dr. -. It's her stomach -. I went over in town and bought her some material for a dress for Mother's Day -. I'm going to make it for her real soon I hope she likes it -. I'm going to frill he up a little -. I think she is so smart looking she should frill up more. Don't you think? She's been so brave about all of this – I know I couldn't be as brave as she if that should happen to me -. At first she didn't know whether to give up or not -, but after we all talked to her – her chin came up -. Your Dad is out in the country today.
Friday, May 5
No news today but I do want to tell you what Mr. Bynum said about you the other day when he came by the bus station to see about a charter to Coleman -. This is what he said, "It isn't until after they make Guys like that and it's a shame to lose 'em when we need them so badly and then these sorry damn no count guys are left around here. He was one of the first fellows I ever had in the band." You know, Guy, that is great to have people think & say such nice things about you -. If I were in your shoes – no one except family would miss me. I'm just not great enough or maybe I should say I'm just not great -.
Saturday, May 6
I worked hard all day – planning to go to church tomorrow -. Howard phoned, Richard was back in town -. Then Mother phoned Horace had been shipped overseas -. Poor Dottie, she's so upset -. Jerry & Richard came out and I cooked a big steak supper -. Ole Richard really ate -. Richard had a brainstorm – wanted to go out and sleep under the stars -. Howard & Richard had to check in and then we all went out to Phantom Hill Lake and camped out -. We hadn't been to bed 10 min. when Jerry & Howard got up -. Jerry made coffee & Howard built the fire then they gossiped & drank coffee -. At dawn they put cold water on my face and woke us up to show us the big 2 lb. Bass Howard caught. Ooh! What a night -! Fun tho -.

Letters from Tom Cantrell and Doris Nowadnick arrive. Tom offers no further news regarding Guy.

   May 7-13
Sunday, May 7
We all went down and fished but didn't catch any more fish -.
Pap at the Ranch
Howard dressed two – and we had fish for breakfast – also coffee, eggs, bacon, and toast – yum yum – doesn't it make you hungry? We packed up & headed home. We had to check in but Richard & Jerry went home to rest -. We promised D.J. we would bring her some fish so we brought her 6 minnows -. Your Mom & Dad took D.J. & I went to the country. Pap had a surprise for D.J. -. The ole cat out there had 3 baby kittens. She was crazy about them. They came in late – so D.J. spent the night with them, too. Oh! Yes, D.J. & your Dad slept together – rather chummy, eh? I cleaned house when we got home.
Monday, May 8
Today – is my little sister's birthday and, what a birthday present – she got Horace's A.P.O. No. So I guess he really did go over -. I phoned her and wished her a happy birthday – and sent her a picture of D.J. She said Johnny Dublin, my cousin, is going overseas soon. I went down to see about D.J. – dressed her and Howard, Richard, Jerry – D.J. - well all in all there were ten of us and we ate dinner at the Chicken Shack. Then Jerry went to school – I went home & hung out a week's washing – while Howard and Richard went fishing. Then late in the evening we had a fish fry out at our house for Jerry & R-. Then we planned to pack up and go out & spend the night at the State Park – so just as we were packing, it rained harder than it had ever rained before so we went riding – and stayed out ‘til 2:30 -. Drat the rain -.
Tuesday, May 9
Today Richard left and the Howard Kemper's were too lazy to wake up & see him off -. Howard went down and go D.J. – she spent the night again with your folks -. It's Tues – the day to iron so I did – all the week's ironing – right on schedule -. Your Mom dreamed about you again last night – good, too -. We developed negatives in the first part of the evening – and then went over to the McDaniel's -. I met Maybelle McDaniel and she thinks a world of you -. She had phoned me earlier in the day – that Ann had received a wonderful letter from you and wondered if your Mom would like to see it -. It was a very sweet letter – so we took it to your Mom's. She plans to return it tho -. We finished our pictures about 2:30 -. Ho Hum!
Wednesday, May 10
Dorothy Jean isn't a bit well – I can't get her straightened out – so I took her to the Dr. this morning. I sewed at your Mom's all day -. Say, I must tell you – you know it's Wednesday and Kiwanis again, well today they are honoring their mothers – so of course Howard has invited your Mom to go -. And did she look nice – she went to the beauty shop & got a “store bought manicure”, yes sir!! And put her diamond on, too – she sure looked nice & so young! You know Howard – when he introduced her everyone heard him – it just echoed. She really enjoyed it -. In the evening we went out to the J. B. Casey's and took a little gift – they have a nice son -! You remember him. Howard worked with him in the radio station -. We are so tired tonight so I must close and say nighty-night ole Boy -!
Thursday, May 11
I don't know why but I was so tired all day – but I managed to pack my suitcases – and clean the house -. ‘Oh! why am I packing my bags' – oh I forgot to tell you I'm going to Big Spring for Mother's Day -. Your Mom went to the club today – and they had a big time. D.J. boarded the train on time – your Mom & Howard saw us off -. I saw Lucy Follins down there, too -. There were D- Yankees all around us cussin' Texas for all it was worth -. I'll be glad when they all go home -! We arrived safe & sound -. Dad and Dorothy met us -. Dorothy had fallen today & cut a 2 in gash in her head & hurt her leg -. She always falls when she gets upset over anything – this time it's Horace -.
Friday, May 12
Dorothy and I & my Aunt Mink went out to the hospital early and stayed a while my cousin Faye Dublin from Midland was operated on at 9:00. She got along ok. You know my Mom's house is a mad house all the time just today we had 18 visitors -. We had a big dinner and all of us had a big time -. D.J. really had a bit time, too. She had some playmates among the 18 visitors. Back at home – your Mom wrote a few letters and Uncle Jeff came in to stay a few days -. You want to know what Howard did – I guess – well – the same ole run – the bus station and your Dad decided to do something different for a change so he went to the country – yes – I said country -.
Saturday, May 13
Dorothy and I & D.J. went to town shoppin -. I tried to find D.J. some white shoes – and as such they told me – no go -. White shoes are nearly a thing of the past – they say they aren't going to make any more ones. They didn't have any in Abilene so what am I going to do -. Put black ones on her! NO! We came back and took a sun bath – then went to the hospital -. Back home – Howard went shoppin' for me a Mother's Day gift and to buy something for you to give to your Mom since you are away -. He got your Mom & I some beautiful makeup kits – Dorothy Gray. He gave it to your Mom – for you and of course it upset her. She just couldn't hold the tears back – Anyway – he knew you would be thinking of her so he would pinch hit – okay?
   May 7 from Corp. Charles T. Cantrell
May 7th 1944

Dear Maude and all:
I got your letter a couple of days ago. I'll admit I was very much surprised. I wish I could write you some good news but I'm afraid that I know very little about what you asked me. What little I do know wuold be nothing new to you by your letter. I'd give almost anything to find your son for you if I only could.
I know I'm making a mess of this letter and I hope you'll excuse all that. I know you'll understand that we fellows out here can srite very little more than "I'm getting along OK, etc." Please understand.
The island I'm on is one of a large group. There has been an awful lot of fighting now. Except for the scars here and there where the big ones let go you'd never know there was a war on. We live a very rugged life in the best Marine Corps tradition, though and are always ready for anything that may come.
Yes I miss all my loved ones at home but like all the other fellows I force these thoughts from my mind. Too much stateside thinking can cause a guy to go nuts. Out here we call it going "Asiatic." However, the terms mean the same.
I wrote to Rosalie day before yesterday. I told her I had received a letter from you about Guy. This makes about the tenth letter I've tried to write to you since I got yours. I've tried and tried to find the right words to tell you how sorry I am about what happened. As you said since nothing final has been issued about him we do have room to hope that he can come back someday. Let's never stop hoping and praying for this to be. I believe it will.
Although I can not tell you where I am or where I've been I will say I've been to some of the places you mentioned and to some of the places you didn't mention. But these islands are all very similar in appearances and have just about the same kind of natives. Sometimes you can trust them and sometimes you can't. However they are beginning to uderstand that we are their friends adn the japs are their enemies. Some even understand a few words of English and the come around sometimes to trade things. You trade things with them. Most of them don't know anything about or have any use for money. But even us fellows in service have very little use for it either.
For recreation we have a crude movie screen in a nearby valley where we sit on logs that we drug out of the jungle for that purpose. The shows are usually pretty old but it does give us some relaxation from the grind. We always go to the show and even if it rains we sit througnh it . We have learned that rain although uncomfortable, is about the mildest thing that falls from the sky.
You can't begin to imagine how hot it is in this climate. We wear very few clothes for that reason. When I put on a shirt I can't stand it for very long at a time. It makes me feel all bound up. For that reason most of us are burned very brown from the sun. Of course in the jungles you have to wear more clothes because of the mosquitos. However I live on a grassy hillside and very seldom go into the jungle.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you anything you don't already know about what you asked me. I sincerely wish that I could. I'm sure you'll understand that we fellows aren't at liberty to write a lot of things. We would if we could.
Please write to me again when you have time. I would like to correspond with you regularly.
How are Ida Mae and "Little" Marie? I've thought of you all often.
Maybe I can think of a few more things to write about next time but for now I guess this just about sums it all up.
Love and best regards to all

This Mother's Day is a difficult one for Mother having one son lost and another away for training. Letters arrive trom Lt. Mickey Chilton and Doris Nowadnick.

    May 14-20
Sunday, May 14
Your Mom rose this morning and she couldn't keep her missing son off her mind. I kind of think your Dad was thinking of you too -. He gave your Mom a corsage of Gardenias. He was sick so he stayed in bed most of the morning. Howard gave your Mom material for a new dress and I'm going to make it for her -. Roy didn't write but V.J. did and sent a handkerchief in the letter -. Your Mom took your Grandmother K. to the Victory Bible class at the Queen Theater and then Howard took both of them to St. Paul Methodist Church for church -. Howard ate dinner with them. Then in the evening your Mom took your Grandmother to the Episcopal Church -. They really enjoyed the whole day those two Mom's -. Just think you'll be home next Mother's Day -.
Monday, May 15
Yesterday was really Mother's Day for me – because you know when a child is sick the first thing they want is their Mother and D.J. vomited all day and had a high fever -. My Mom really looked pretty yesterday, too -. Today Dorothy & I paraded around in shorts and took a sun bath -. You see – us unglamour gals are a tryin' to get a sun tan -. D.J. played mud pies all day – for Dorothy's pet chicken -. We went out to the hospital to see our cousin – she'll be there about 10 days -. I got a long letter from Howard today – he & his Dad are talking about buying a house -. I hope they do -.
Tuesday, May 16
You remember my cousin Johnny Dublin - well he has the cutest convertible you ever saw – so he and my Aunt drove over to Big Spring today to tell us
Johnny Dublin's convertible
Johnny Dublin's convertible (Jean's cousin)
goodbye – they are shipping him to Kerns, Utah a replacement center and he's supposed to be headed overseas – can you believe it! I'll have to see it first!! You know me - puny - well I was all day – but I wasn't alone. My Dad & Dorothy were sick too -. It seems everyone has an upset stomach – so we are in style -. D-day. D-day is all you hear now days -. Everyone said April was invasion month then they said May – now they say – June is. Oh! well – time will tell -. D-day will be a day of prayer here in Abilene and in most cities in the United States.
Wednesday, May 17
Howard phoned me yesterday to tell me about a house he was looking at – so I told him to get any house he wanted it was ok by me -. I got a letter from your Mom and it was brim full of things she had been doing. Pap said there were 3 little kittens out at the ranch – so that tickled D.J. -. Now, I didn't do much today – just sewed a little – made D.J. & I shorts alike -. Don't faint my frien' – it's legal -! What? The kind of business our relatives are in -. The worm business or maybe I should say "bait business" -. It does sound better doesn't it -. I understand they are really making money at it, too. It's unusual anyway in this family -. Now we've got every kind of business!
Thursday, May 18
Good war news today – Cassins fell after months of fighting – and McArthur reports now landing on Wahade Island with few casualties. This airdrome will be used to bomb Japan “very soon” he said -. I forgot to tell you Tues (16th) Charity had a big birthday dinner for Charlie – Uncle Jeff -. There were Mrs. Langford, your Mom, your Grandmother, Howard and your Dad – they all really had a big time -. I think it's nice of her to have Uncle Jeff – poor ole soul he's so lonely -. Now listen Boy, don't you make the mistake of never having any children – because – look at Uncle Jeff -. We don't need to worry – of course the Ouija board is right and it said you would have 4 daughters - !!! Please excuse – my mind wonders!
Friday, May 19
No news – today – just the same old run of things. Say – I just want to take this time to express an opinion or discuss a certain person. A very dear person to you – and I and every person that knows her – Your Mother -. Hasn't it taken a lot of – courage – nerve to live where she lives – and have her life long friends visit her here – and still remain the same – person – and still hold her head high when she meets these people in their homes and remain on their level -. I'm afraid she's got more than I've – got to do this. And about you – honestly there isn't a braver person anywhere – Guy – you've got to come back – You're the subject of conversation – you're the great part of her life -!
Saturday, May 20
I don't think I told you that Mr. Redlinger sold the coffee business because of ill health. They sold their home and have planned to leave Abilene. So – today is the day they left. Mr. & Mrs. Redlinger, Mary Catherine and Mr. Allen all boarded the Sunshine Special – for Calif. They plan to live there. They had a compartment so I'm sure they will make the trip fine -. Your Mom helped them pack -. Your Mom & Dad & Howard went to the train with them, they seemed very happy over the change -. Back in Big Spring – we expected Howard to come get us but he didn't come -. Sorta disappointed, too.

   May 14 from Lt. Mickey Chilton
May 10, 1944

Dear Mrs. Kemper:

Lt. Mickey Chilton
I am very sorry for not having answered your letter sooner, but you know how boys hate to write letters.
I am back in combat for the third time and should be going home in two or three months if everything goes O.K. this trip. There isn't much going on up here anymore, but there is still plenty of anti-aircraft fire.

I had another excellent time in Sydney, but was ready to go back to work when my leave was up.

I started my training at Seattle and was then shipped to Pasco, Wash. where I completed my E base training. After that I went to Pensacola where I graduated and received my wings before going to Melbourne. Since then I've seen quite a lot of the country and have had some exciting experiences.

You have certainly taken all the bad news like a good soldier. We are always on the lookout for Guy, so don't lose hope. I hope I'll get to meet you some day for you sound just like my mother.

Remember it is chins up, & always look for the best. Goodbye for now, it is time to go to work.

   May 15 from Doris Nowadnick
At Home
May 15, 1944

My dear Mrs. Kemper -

Doris Nowadnick
I got your letter this morn and was delighted to hear from you again. Please don't feel badly about not writing because I know that you have more to do than write to me. I don't sleep well at night. Consequentyly, I get most of my correspondence done then.

First of all, let me apologize for that last letter of mine. It was horribly morbid and I'm ashamed of having added any more to your load. It was just one of my days of self-pity. I'm afraid I'm not a very good war wife 'cause I'm too apt to sink into a study in blue. However, ordinarily I'm cheerful and optimistic. Naturally, I'm lonely for Bill, but I'm not unhappy because we do love each other so very much and some day all of this will be just a bad dream. Then, too, it's so heavenly to think of what our life will be like when he comes home and we're able to start our family. I'm awfully anxious for you to meet him, Mrs. Kemper. He's the dearest, kindest, sweetest person a girl could love and I thank the Good Lord every day that I'm fortunate enough to be married to him. I got one of the biggest thrills of my life yesterday. Bill has a brother who is in the Army in Texas. Sometime ago he sent Dick, the brother, some money and told him to wire me some flowers on Mother's Day. And yesterday, a friend of ours, who owns the local flower shop, came out with a dozen long-stemmed red roses. They are absolutely beautiful and I've never been so happy over anything in all my life. He sent his Mother a some yellow roses (her favorites.) So - we have flowers everywhere.

But that's the kind of person he is. People tell me that he'll get over it in time, but I don't think so. He's just kind and thoughtful and always will be.

I got six letters from Bill to-day. He's still in the New Hebrides on Espiritu Santos and doesn't know when he will leave. He says they've been given new planes and lots of ammunition for their pistols and carbines. He says there's something in the wind and things will really start popping soon.

You should see me out here. I've never even visited on a farm 'til I moved here. But - I'm rapidly becoming a farm hand.

Our mare has a colt about two months old and I spend most of my time playing with the colt.

We're getting 2100 turkeys tomorrow and we already have over 4,000. So - bedlam will reign supreme until these grow a bit. I don't help with the turkeys, but I keep house. And for a girl who had never done anything, that's no small task, as this is a two-story eight room house. But - I don't mind because it keeps me busy and makes the time fly by.

Well - it's almost two o'clock and I must write to Bill. To-day is his birthday. He's 23.

Do write when you have time. Your letters are such a comfort to me.

My love to you and yours

Howard drives Mother to Cisco to go with Ray and Etta to Victoria to see her nephew Frank Judia graduate and receive his pilot's wings. Guy's good friend and McMurry classmate Gerald "Dopey" Anderson is wounded in action.

    May 21- 27
Sunday, May 21
Here at home Howard drove your Mom to Cisco -. Yes sir, she is going to see Frank get his wings with Ray & Etta. Here is something -. Your Dad attended church at the Episcopal Church all alone -. They had a special service for Men in the Service – and presented new song books with names of service men on each. Your name is on one -. Wasn't that nice -? In Big Spring – I was puny you know – I'm your puny sister – anyway – Dorothy went to church -. Dad said his Sunday School class bought more war bonds for McMurry. Well, that's all and there just ain't any more -.
Monday, May 22
Your Mom, Ray & Etta left for Victoria – to see Frank graduate tomorrow -. Ray is sure proud – of Frank. I guess you knew – or figured they might be -. Aunt Ikey, Ray & Etta – don't speak -. They got mad at each other over practically nothing – as usual -. They'll be speaking next time you hear from them probably. I got a letter from Ikey – she is sick in bed and has been for a week. She thinks she has some sort of rheumatism her hands are so swollen -. I got a letter from Howard and it will be several days before he can come and get us -. There is a booming bus business really – business has really picked up this month.
Tuesday, May 23
Out here in Big Spring we went riding – and stopped at the USO to watch them dance – Remember I told you about my "Flit – gun" for asthma?
Frank Judia graduates
Frank Judia
- Guy's cousin
Well I have to take it every where I go and this evening I left it at home -. I took asthma while watching the dance – and ‘erped' in the street – isn't that awful -. This darn asthma is so disgusting -!! This is also the day Frank graduated and he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. Your Mom pinned some wings on a boy there and he gave her a pair. She put them on with your wings and Roy's cadet wings & the two stars -. She really looked like a general. They left there late in the evening – and arrived in Cisco after midnight -.
Wednesday, May 24
Your Mom is in Cisco today with Ikey – and you could never guess where they went. To the fortune teller at Mingus. Let me tell you a little about what happened -. Ikey let your Mom out about a block from the fortune teller's house and your Mom walked down -. When she started telling her things – she said – "Someone let you out and you walked down here – no one knows you are coming here – except this person". All true. She told your Mom all about herself – and it fit her perfectly – then she said I see someone missing in action, a brother – he has a shoulder wound but he will come back -! She said I see 2 brothers -. Your Mom said she guessed she meant you three boys because you all had been more like brothers than sons – to her. I will tell you more later.
Thursday, May 25
Dorothy, D.J. & I went to Midland today – to try to find D.J. some shoes – and we found them alright -. Thank goodness – that's a relief now I know she can wear white shoes a while longer -. We visited with relatives and headed for home -. Back home – Ikey was down to get her glasses and she & your Mom visited and Ikey gossiped about the Ray Judias -. They don't speak at the present – you know they go through that every few months -. Howard phoned Mother that he & your Mom would come get us about 8:00 this evening. When we got back from Midland I packed -. It was a hard trip home it rained so hard we could hardly see the road. We all were dead tired and ready to hit the hay – when we got home.
Friday, May 26
It rained all day long and we really didn't need it we've nearly had too much rain -. But such is life -. Say – I didn't tell you the war department notified Mrs. Anderson that Dopey had been wounded in action. She hasn't heard from him in several weeks now and she is really worried -. I'm anxious to hear how he is -. Say, Johnny Dublin sent D.J. the cutest Indian ring from Santa Fe, New Mexico -. She's really proud of it - . And say, I'd like to mention D.J. still wears the little locket you gave her and has worn it nearly constantly since she received it -. Only now it has Poppie's picture inside and yours, too -. Howse that? Okay, huh?
Saturday, May 27
Here's an unusual subject to start off with – "The weather". Yes – one can always talk about the weather -. It rained again -. All that build up & just to tell you it rained. I worked around the house and Poppie Howard worked on the chickens -. Your Mom – just lingered around home all day -. Now more about the fortune teller. She described me to her perfectly and said I had lived in her home at one time -. She said I see you have one son and two daughters -. She was talking about D.J., Howard, and I – because we were her only children in Abilene at the time -. She described Howard perfectly – discussed his operation – told her what kind of an operation he was going to have how long he had been in this condition -. Your Mom thinks she's wonderful.

D.J., Stewart and Vic Gillett, and A.J. Hoover, Jr. Stewart and Vic Gillett, A.J. Hoover, Jr. and D.J.
D.J., Stewart and Vic Gillett, and A.J. Hoover, Jr. ride in the Packard rumble seat.
D.J. and her cousins all go for a ride in the family Packard. A big family get-together and dinner followed that evening. A letter arrives from Doris Nowadnick.

   May 28 - 31
Sunday, May 28
Dorothy Jean and I went to Sunday School and Church then went by your Mom's -. I felt so - - - - puny (asthma) today I guess I should have stayed home in bed – but I hate to disappoint D.J. We ate dinner with your folks. Your Dad & Uncle Jeff went to the country -. We went out to Hope's – to the Gillett family they are here on the way to Waco – they are considering moving there -. We made the kid's picture, took them riding in the rumble seat and bought them soda pop -. They really had a big time -. You know Stewart is kinda fond of D.J. Late in the evening there were about 14 or 15 Kempers & etc. – all gathered out there -. Did your ears burn -? We talked about you!
Monday, May 29
I cleaned house today and cooked a big dinner -. We had chicken yes sir right out of our own back yard -. Your Mom & Dad went to the country they said our garden was all standing in water -. Say maybe we should have planted Rice -! Guess who phoned – J. E. Newby – yes – an ole married man now –. He & his wife were just passing through on their way to the base. Did I tell you they reported on the radio tonight that we have sunk 558 Jap ships since the beginning of the war -. Pretty good – eh! When our boys captured Japs on Mo hur Island they told our boys the land you could see in the distance was San Francisco – (New Guinea). Poor ignorant creatures were misled sorta – don't you think -.
Tuesday,May 30
Like all good country folks – your Mom & Dad went to the country to see about the garden, etc. -. Did I ever tell you I'm keeping a newspaper scrapbook -. Yes sir all important news items go into a book -. It's real interesting to read back through. You could never guess what Howard is doing now -. He is painting – yes bus No. 21 -. It sure is going to look better -. He has ordered paint enough to paint all the buses over -. It will sure make them look better. That's what those buses have been needing for a long time -. Some new coats -. Say with those new coats (of paint) those Abilene View might give our buses the wolf whistle -! Silly isn't it !?!
Wednesday, May 31
ToDAY is the Birthday of Horace Garrett –
Big Flat Arkansas

Dear Guy:
Your pop has a good job now, the first he has had in 40 years. We 'air a great deal better off now than we 'wer. Your Paw gets $14.95 every Thursday so we thought we would do a little fixin' up. We sent to a mail order house for one of them new fangled things they call bath rooms like you hear tell about in some homes. In one side of the room is a big long thing like hogs drink out of but it is too high for pigs to reach only. Over on the other side of the room is a little thing ya wash your hands & face in but over in the other corner now we really have something thar. This darn thing ya put one foot in, wash it clean then pull a chain and get fresh water for the other foot. They sent two lids with the darn thing we ain't got no use for so I'm usin' one for a bread board and the other we framed Grampa's picture in.
They's awful nice 'pepul they sent us a free roll of writtin' paper with it -.

Your Ma

Son replied that he was coming home on furlough. Mother answered "Don't do it, Son, ride the bus."

   May 31 from Doris Nowadnick
Rt. 3, Box 91
Chehalis, Wash.
Wed. Nite

My dear Mrs. Kemper -

Doris Nowadnick
I received your letter several days ago and meant to write every day, but have been busier than the proverbial bee.

For the past three days, we have been getting rid of 1700 breeder hens. I didn't help with the turkeys, but I did cook all the meals and keep house. I even went so far as to make a lemon meringue pie. It was the first pie I've ever made and was surprisingly good.

I'm afraid my family didn't have me very well trained for domesticity - as we had had the same old negro woman for us since before I was born. That is, she worked for my grandmother and I've lived most of my life with her.

I just received four letters from Bill to-day. I'm not sure but I think he has moved to another theater. He said that he had sent his foot locker home with gear in it that he didn't need. He's also sending me some souveniers - among them, a coral necklace and a grass skirt. He has also sent another box from Sydney. So - I should have quite a collection by the time he gets through.

Your ranch sounds more like a ranch than the ones out here. I'm forever amazed at the "ranches" out here. A big ranch to these people is about 250 or 300 acres and that doesn't even sound like a big farm to me.

It surely does my heart good to hear you say that you and your husband are still sweethearts after twenty-five years. You see, I've a lot to prove to myself and others. My mother and father were divorced when I was five. Since then, my mother has remarried and my father has been remarried twice. So - I really don't have a very good record, but I do know that I love Bill dearly and he has made me happier that I've ever been in all my life. So - I'll try even harder than most people to make a success of my marriage. Perhaps 18 was rather young to get married, but I really don't think so. I'm quite a bit older than most girls at the same age because I didn't have much of a childhood. Then too, lots of people have told me that a marriage in war time is a mistake. But - I definitely disagree with that. The love I have for Bill is the kind that comes once in a lifetime. So - no matter what happens in the future we will have had a 4 1/2 months together. And if we hadn't married we wouldn't have had that much.

I'm sending you some pictures of Bill and me. They aren't particularly good, but I hope you like them.
Write when you feel like it.


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