December 19
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Howard and friend, Richard Shipman
Howard and friend, Richard Shipman

Howard writes a letter to his boyhood friend, Richard Shipman, serving in the South Pacific and struggles emotionally.
   October 8-28
Sunday, October 8
Today is the Birthday of My Mother
Thursday, October 26
Guy – I must tell you – . Honestly you rate as high as anyone could rate with Howard. Last nite he wrote a letter to Richard after I had gone to bed – . He came in woke me up & read it to me. It was the first letter he had written to the South Pacific since he wrote to you – . Howard cried for at least 20 or 30 min. He was just sick thinking of you. I felt so helpless – . This morning D.J. & I went to town – I bought me a blouse – two dresses and a pair of hose – . Jeannie is getting ready for the operation – . Ha ! Came home. Mrs. Tate came over and Lois Clark. Then Helonise ate supper with us. We went around to see Geo. and Helonise . We gossiped & cut up then our little one got sleepy so – I tucked her in bed & she's off to dreamland. Howard has gone to hunt your Dad.
Friday, October 27
Another day full as can be – . I got up started breakfast – and Howard & D.J. – marched in to eat – . Today is Navy Day and they had a program at McMurry honoring their Navy men & women -. Minter's windows are full of pictures of Navy men & women. Mava came by for a while this morning. Howard worked on his car all day. Helonise tried to teach me to ride her bike – . See – 7 years ago Jeannie could ride a little but – I forgot – ! Ain't I dumb? Japan lost 37 ships in the big naval battle that has been raging 4 days – ! Good!! eh? We lost 6 ships! Helen Ann came by – . Mrs. Tate came down – . Your Dad came up for dinner tonite. I fixed Shrimp Cocktail, Fried Oysters, salad – & tea. He seemed to enjoy it. Abilene beat Midland 25 to 19 – ! More Excitement! Oh! Nighty nite Guy.
Saturday, October 28
I started the day off with a bang! Your Dad heard from your Mom and she is going to stay and visit awhile. I slaved today and so did Helonise. I washed my hair & fixed D.J.'s – . I went over to your Mom's and sewed – . When I got home – I was pooped! I mean it I don't know when I've ever been so tired. Howard worked at the bus station all day. Your Dad bought a thousand head of lambs today – . After supper – Jeannie, Howard, D.J., Helonise & George all went to the show. After the show we walked home & sat around & gossiped. That Howard can't go to sleep early at night – . Thinking about that operation.


Jean's diary entries taper to an end as her health issues require a hospital stay.
Follow-up from the Marine Corps
Update from the Marine Corps
   October 29-30
Sunday, October 29
Whoops! Gotta get up – tis nearly Sunday School time! So Jeannie & D.J. march off to S.S. I stayed for church – I came home & that Howard was still asleep – ! Avice Tate came by – to get some pictures – . Howard, D.J. & I ate dinner at the Pig Stand. In the afternoon – D.J. – Lt. John Walsh, George & Helonise & Howard & I headed toward the country. Your Dad & Pap were just leaving as we drove up. We went down in the North east pasture and gathered wood, had a picnic and fixed a treasure hunt for Tues. night. We sure had fun. Pardon me but I’ve got to go get my flit gun. I've got asthma. I'll be back in a minute – . We all jumped into the beds half dead – so tired.
Monday, October 30
Here's that blue Mon. – you've always heard about – and definitely true – D.J. & Helonise all woke up sick with colds – . Nevertheless the work must go on – . I cleaned house a little. Frank called he was leaving – His Mom & Dad came up & got him and they ran by for a minute. Avice Tate came down – Helonise was in all morning. Mava came down and we went town. Avice stayed with D.J. Howard came home for supper. The same ole gag – "the boys are having a meeting" – so he steps out – . Helonise came in we made cookies. Then Geo. came in then Howard, James and Bob Long – . Nope that ain't all – Here came Jerry – . Howard didn't let her have the camera. D.J. is sick with a cold & I'm half dead with one so nighty nite!
Roosevelt and Truman Dewey and Bricker
In the election on November 7, 1944, Roosevelt scored a comfortable victory over Dewey thereby winning an unprecedented 4th term. Roosevelt took 36 states for 432 electoral votes, while Dewey won 12 states and 99 electoral votes (266 were needed to win). In the popular vote Roosevelt won 25,612,916 votes to Dewey's 22,017,929. Dewey did better against Roosevelt than any of FDR's previous three Republican opponents. Roosevelt and Truman won 53% of the vote and carried 36 states, against New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey and Ohio Governor John W. Bricker.
As the third Christmas season arrives without Guy being home, the family wait and wonder about his fate. Their prayers and hopes are that he has been taken prisoner of war are tinged with ambivalence in light of the their treatment by the Japanese. The vigil for any promising news from the government, radio, newspapers, and friends in the Service will have to continue into the next year.

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