Early Days
Early Days | Abilene High School Band| Drum Major
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Owen Baggett - Drum Major
"The only thing I remember in giving instruction on twirling to Guy was he was a quick learner. He also had the natural talent of 'showmanship' which was important.
In those days,leadership was a necessity and the Drum Major was in complete charge when marching.....and, he had it."
Owen Baggett, 1937
Owen Baggett,
Guy's predecessor as Drum Major
 Abilene High School Drum Major - Guy Kemper
Guy - Drum Major
Guy - Drum Major
Guy - Drum Major
Sweetheart of the Band
The 1937-38 Sweetheart of the Band is . . . .
Mabel Byrd
. . . Mabel Byrd.
Sweetheart Of Band Selected
Guy twirling the baton
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