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W. B. McDaniel, Dean
As we come to the close of this school year we find our nation again in the throes of a world conflict. With the call of the armed forces to the boys and the increased opportunities for girls in industry, many of you who do not graduate will be tempted to drop out of college. Due to the present trend toward streamlined curricula, you can, with more concentrated effort, get your degree in a much shorter time than you may have originally planned. Some one has said: "In time of peace prepare for war." I suggest "In time of war prepare for peace." When this conflict is over our nation will be needing great men and great women, who have been properly prepared, to lead us out of the chaos brought about by a war more destructive than any in the history of man. The armed forces need trained men for officer material, and the best place to get this training is in college. This is best exemplified by the present programs of the Navy and Marines which allow college students to enlist in certain branches of service and yet remain in school until after graduation. To the girls--the grand opportunities now tempting you will be much grander and much easier to secure after you have a college degree. So, to the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, I urge that you continue your college education in so far as is possible until you have your degree.

To the seniors and the others who do not return to McMurry, I implore you to continue to learn. The mind is like a muscle. It grows strong with use and weak with disuse. Determine in your heart that you will exercise you mind every day. This, coupled with a creed that places God and others first, will make life really worth living.


I'm sorry I didn't get to be with you more this year but maybe I can hornswoggle (?) you into a class or something next year.
You're plenty of fun.
Jewell Posey
Jewell Posey, English
Jenny Tate, Mathematics
We wouldn't hold you here when you have completed your work but we will miss you -
J. Tate

Dear Guy
You're as stable as the bank. I've missed your presence in my classes. I appreciate being made a member of Ko Sari. It is a grand organization and you've played a very important part in continuing the good name of Ko Sari. You've been a good fellow and I've sincerely enjoyed our two years friendship. You are a good actor, musician and above all a good fellow. I wish you all possible success and happiness.
Keep 'em flying and sighing!
Harvey Cromwell
Harvey Cromwell, Speech

A.W. Gordon, Bible
Thanks for your good work. You have helped in making the course interesting and profitable.
Best wishes, always.
A. W. Gordon

Guy -
You've been a good drum major and a cheerful soul to have around.
Best wishes
Iris Graham, Registrar

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