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To my friend Kemper -
Guy, our dreams have been realized.  Remember last year when we talked about something?  A lot of water has passed through the stream since then, and it's been fun.

I've got a lot of things to remember you by  - and all of them will stay together with the other highlights of my life.  You've got what it takes Kemper if you'll only apply yourself - and I know you will.

Guy, always remember this - you've got the world at your finger tips - grab it.   Here's wishing all the luck and happiness in the world - I could say it in these words - Guy, I loves you - (Kid)

Fraternally,  Sonny Bentley

P.S.  Congrats on that Air Corps deal - I wish I could be there with you - luck to you in everything you attempt.
Sonny Bentley
Joyce McCulley Dear Guy,

Maybe this isn't quite the place for me to write, but it's across from my roommate so maybe you won't mind.

It's hard to say in an annual or even in words how I feel about you Guy.  You've been so swell to me.  As far as that goes you've been swell to everyone.  You've helped me over so many rough spots and when I was down in the dumps you helped me.  I'll never forget the first time you proved to be such a friend.  That was three years ago when I thought there was only one person in the world and I was crying my heart out because something went wrong.   Several times since then you've made me realize that my ideas about the future weren't just dreams but you also had similar ones.  I hope I meet you where I know you'll be someday.  Right on top with that wonderful smile you have for everyone.

I've enjoyed being in plays with you.   You're such a fine actor.  I don't think I could have played the part of "Jo" unless you had been "My Professor Bhaer."  You were wonderful Guy.  I just can't end without telling you how I love to hear you play that "sax".

Guy, I'll remember those nights I've heard you go to & from work and most of all I'll remember your kind words.

Just remember here's a girl who thinks a whole lot of you and wishes you all the luck and happiness in the world.

As ever, Joyce 

Dear Guy,

Maybe it won't take over this page to tell you how much I think of you.  Knowing you for 4 years has been a privilege and altogether too short a time.  During this time no one could have won my admiration more than you have.  I sincerely do admire your outlook on life, your talent, your super-personality, looks and fine character.  You have helped me in many ways by showing me that if your really do want something bad enough you can get it.  I want to always keep in touch with you because you have added something to my life that I don't ever want to lose.  I mean this truly Guy, when I say that you are an "ideal".  I've had so much fun with you dating, picnics, Class of "42" (the best) and every other association I've had with you.  May the best always be yours because you deserve it and may you be happy because you make other people happy.  Keep going and remember one who wants to be remembered as a special friend or more as a pal.

Sincerely, Frances

Always stay the Guy I know now -
Frances Lawlis

Ronel Thomas Hello Guy -

These four years have really been swell haven't they?  You have been a really loyal class member and an extra fine McMurrian.

May you always be as successful as you have been in McMurry.  I am sure you will because you have such a good personality.   Your friendliness and attitude are certainly commendable traits.

The best of luck to a swell fellow.

A friend, Ronel


I have enjoyed very much associating with you the past few years.  If it weren't for you I guess your bus company would have made near a fortune off Ronel & I - Well maybe fifteen or 20 cents anyway -

Guy I count you as one of my best friends   Guy I hope make the best of the best Sailors and I'm sure you will too.  You have a grand personality and a good smile.

Keep em Sailing Boy & Remember Chief "Al"
Al Simmons

Hazel Grubbs Dear Guy,

I don't' know whether I should take this whole page or not but here goes.  It will take even more than mere words on a page to tell you how you rate with me.  I have never gone with anyone I enjoyed any more than I have you.  You are so sincere, so honest so much of an ideal fellow, my ideal fellow and this isn't just talk, honestly.

I've had so much fun with you and I shall never forget the times we've acted crazy, right down idiotic but things like that stand out in one's memory.  I'd rather dance with you than anyone I know or have ever known.  You're an ideal date and I'll remember all the dates we had.  You've been so nice to me.  I hope I don't lose track of you but I also wish for all the success and happiness you rightfully deserve.   Incidentally, I've told you before, but you put me out playing the saxophone, actually!  The song "I've Got it Bad and That Ain't Good", I'll never hear that or sing it without thinking of you , and how you played.  Our little sing-songs on charter buses, our harmonizations and all.

You're a perfect gentleman and you have a sincere admirer in me.

Always, Hazel

Dear Guy,

It seems that we are just about to the end of our rope here in McMurry. I've known your family well for 3 years, but I think I have grown to know you a great deal better this year.
I want you to know how much I have appreciated your friendship and your kindness this year. We've had wash-outs at the dinner table, but everyone is good natured so no one is offended (I hope).
I wish you all the luck in the world in your work and I hope when the war is over you get to do the thing you want to do so badly.
I wish I could have the outlook on life you have. You are always happy about everything.
Thanks again for listening to all my troubles this year and carting me around over the country (Dallas).
Sincerely, your friend,

Doris Merrill
Doris Merrill

Larry Scarborough Dear Guy,

I have really enjoyed knowing you since Honor Band. You are a very good scout, and I have really valued your friendship these past six or seven years. I have always liked you because you are so jovial and friendly to everyone, and you were really keen to me when you were my "upperclassman friend". I know that your genial attitude will carry you a long way.
Your old friend,

Larry Scarborough

Dear Guy:

Guy, I have certainly learned to admire you a lot this year.  You have been a great help to me in helping me get acquainted with everyone this year.  If everyone were as friendly as you, no one would have any trouble.

Don't forget the final day of school this year when I sat on your knee and sang to you.   I was somewhat scared that day, but I was merely a new slime here and I didn't know what was coming next.

Well, Guy, I wish you the best of luck in everything you undertake to do and I know that you shall have it because you are so capable and deserving.

I sure hope that this year won't be the last time I'll see you just because you're a senior.  You have won a place among my best of friends just as much as you have the other students on the campus.


Blanche "Fish Hooks"

Kappa Phi '45

Mary Blanche Hooks

Gerald Anderson Say Aviator -

Four long years have presented moments of fun, fights, whippings with boards (remember our freshman year), and like stuff.  There were all the plays of Will Shakespeare , dances, brawls, and various & sundry stuff.  Through it all we have braved the storm and emerged knowing seniors.  Every moment has been a pleasure and like stuff.   We would have had a good time last weekend if Marie Dunham had come thru, darn her anyway.

Be that as it may, I hope we can go thru Navy Air Corps together.  We will show'em how to "keep 'em flying."  Here's a toast, not to the past, but to the future.

Cousin Dopey

Hello Guy Harmon --

This year has sure been a good one - lots of fun - being a couple of none owing members - too.  I'll always remember those days in your room, last year and this year , too-   That math class was tops -- listening to you bull with Miss Tate as long as I could keep awake -- I'll always remember the days we have spent together - in dear old Ko Sari.

Best of luck to you in that ole Naval Air Corps -
"a 7up"
R.L. Berry

Lucian Shanks Dear Mr. Kemper,

Well, I hardly know what to say or how to tell you how much I have appreciated your friendship and association this past year. 

I deem it one of the greatest pleasures and honors that I have ever had to be a squire.   It has meant a lot to me and I'll miss you next year a lot more than I can express in words.

Squire Shanks

Dear Guy, big brother, friend of the Rat, etc.,

Some people remember the Alamo, and others Pearl Harbor, but let's remember Clonita.   She has caused us so many happy hours, staggering down the hall.

You have been a swell big brother, except when you tickle me.  I'll miss you next year, but I know you will be a good "high flier" and have a girl in every airport.  But remember -- not too much kortin, 'taint proper.



Lenore Longino

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