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Letters - October 1943
Pilots on leave Inspecting goods from a pineapple truck

VMF-216 pilots on leave in Hawaii -

Like any visitor to a foreign land, the pilots would go in search of souveniers and items to mail to those back home. A popular item to send to a special girl was a grass hula skirt, a lei, and other accessories. It's known that Guy had one of these mailed to a least one grass skirt to a young lady stateside.
Lt. Ennis Walden
Lt. Ennis Walden
Lt. Ennis Walden remembers:

"I had bought a Brownie Kodak - a cheap one and small. It was the only one in the squadron going overseas, I think, since I saw no others. It was hard to develop any film so I had to wait to get back to Efate (Home Base) to process anything. The picture was taken in Hawaii I believe at MCAS Ewa, close to Pearl Harbor.

I remember several of us went in overnight to the Royal Hawaiian (I believe) on Waikiki Beach and they put us in a separate building. Several had musical instruments: I had a violin, I recall Kemper had a saxophone, and there was a clarinet, a cornet , and something else. I recall (and I do not think I am wrong) that Kemper had the Sax and liked to play "Take the A Train" -- so we did and did and did. Finally, Kemper agreed to change to something else -- but the whole exercise was enjoyed.

It was about this time that we were called together at the Base and informed we were all promoted to First Lt. -- but that there would be no more promotions during the duration of the war. They were right."
Guy posing with a holstered .38
   Photo taken by Lt. Walden of Guy with .38 revolver in holster.
Last photo of Guy?
  Believed to be the last known photo of Guy 
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