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Abilenian Home as Marine Fighter Pilot On June 27, 1943, the Abilene Reporter News ran this article:
"Blonde Lt. G. H. (Guy) Kemper, enlisted in the Navy Air Force in August 1942, and Saturday he returned home on a 14 day leave as a fighter pilot in the Marine corps.
The 22 year old Abilenian was chosen, with nine other top members of the Naval class, to enter the Marine corps. He received his primary training at the Grand Prairie Naval Air station and was graduated from advanced training on April 1 at the Corpus Christi base. From there he went to Melbourne, Florida, for operational training under the direction of veteran marine officers back form Guadalcanal. One of this instructors was Lt. Pawka who trained Capt. Joe Foss, the Marine ace.
Last step in Lieutenant Kemper's training was the week spent in Chicago and Lake Michigan where he made practice landings on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Wolverine.
Following his visit here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Kemper, 324 Sycamore, Lieutenant Kemper will return to the San Diego base to be assigned to a combat squadron. he has another brother in the air force, Army Aviation Cadet Roy Kemper, 20, now training in Springfield, Mo.
The husky Marine flier was graduated from McMurry college where he majored in math. During part of his high school career he was drum major for the band."
Howard and Guy - July 2, 1932
Howard and Guy on July 2nd
On July 2nd, the day before the departure for California, Howard asked Guy to model some of his newly issued flight gear for a photo shoot. Here are the pictures from that day.
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 Howard recalls an incident involving Guy and a little too careless MP one day during that leave at home:
"When we had the bus company over on 324 Sycamore Street and we (Guy and I) were over at the bus station and we decided to go around to the Greek candy shop around on Chestnut Street and get some coffee and maybe a piece of fudge or something like that 'cause Nick always had some good fudge over there. So we left the bus company and we walked around over on Chestnut Street which is the main street south of the tracks.
Now, in the Marine Corps, they wear their ties out straight and Guy's dressed up in his uniform and garrison cap, all khaki colored. So we're just walking down the street and there's an MP across the street on the other side and he yells, ' Hey, Soldier! 'Tuck in that tie! '
Well, Guy just halted, came to a sharp attention, executed a precise right face, and marched in a straight line across the street. And as he got within about 10 or 15 feet of that MP, who by that time had certainly spotted the brass bars on his cap and lapel, Guy barks out,
' Please tell me since WHEN, does an MP in the U.S. Army address an Officer and Gentleman of the United States Marine Corps as 'Hey, Soldier!' ?!?!? '
Well, that poor MP snapped to attention and was so flustered. He was saluting and stammering, slapping his arm to his side, and saluting some more.
That day, I got to see how authoritative my dear brother could be when he had to be."
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Guy and Jean
Even Jean had to get into the act.
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