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USS Long Island at North Island NAS
September 13, 1943 letter to Mother:

"I only have a few minutes, but wanted to say hello and 'Hasta luego'.
Our orders are in and we're leaving in the morning. We got our orders a couple of days ago, but I've been so busy packing, etc. I haven't had a chance to write."

"... I also got a swell letter from Roy this morning. He's very tickled about being classified as a pilot and naturally I'm just as glad as he is. I know he'll make it with flying colors. I never had a down check throughout my training and I'm sure he'll have the same record in the end. He has plenty on the ball and the training he's getting will be wonderful for him."

"... One of my very best friends was killed the day before we got our orders. He was John H. Hartig. He was at Corpus with me, in my flight at Melbourne, and in my flight. He was out on a dog-fight hop and spun-in. Killed him instantly, of course. The F4U burned completely, but some way or other he was thrown clear of the ship in the crash and we got the body. He was one of the finest kids I know and an excellent flyer. Look in the picture of my flight at Melbourne. He's in it."
2nd LT John H. Hartig, USMCR
Henry Hartig Letter

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