December 19
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D.J. and Judia in their Easter bonnets.

No further news about Guy is received. Meanwhile, the family prepares for Easter.
   April 1-8
Saturday, April 1
April Fool – Guy! V. J. was half sick with a cold but she went to see Roy anyway. Richard ate dinner with us today and seemed to enjoy it very much – oh! – you know my cookin' – huh! Jerry, Richard, Howard & D.J. & I went out to the State Park on a picnic -. Richard & Jerry rode in the rumble seat – and the wind it did blow --! We made pictures and ate – then danced on the road and played our car radio. The night was perfect now wind, warm bright moonlight – Oh! it was wonderful – you should have been along -. Richard & Jerry are really crazy about each other – I guess they will marry someday – I hope so. We came back real slow & listened to the radio in the warm breeze --. Then we developed the negatives to the pictures we made – Good night!
Sunday, April 2
Yes, today is Palm Sunday and at the end of the service – Howard marched down and joined the church and was baptized. It made us all very happy and he really feels good about it too. We ate dinner with your folks – and was it delicious -. Your Mom & Dad too D.J. and went to the country. Mr. & Mrs. Fox & Lynn & Judia went to Angelo to spend the day. Richard, Howard, Jerry & I went to the show and then ate dinner at Richard's house. Then we came over here to our house and printed the pictures we made at State Park. Dorothy Jean spent the night with your folks. The Japs can't hold out much longer on Bougainville – all their supply lines are cut --.
Monday, April 3
I phoned Mother to see how long Horace was going to be there but darn it she said he had already gone back to Indiana and he was on the train coming through Abilene this morning --. I fixed him a box and gathered up the cameras & D.J. and ran down there – just as we arrived – it was pulling out --. It had come in early – we were just sick. I went over in town and bought a new suit & dress, hat and shoes --. I'll join the Easter Parade --! Saw V.J. & Judia a minute on their way to the Dr.'s office. Your Mom went to Charity's and took D.J. Richard, Howard, Jerry & I ate dinner at Doyles and drove around -. We went out to Kirby Park – it's sure getting pretty. We made a few pictures. It was cold as we turned in early --.
Tuesday, April 4
Whoops! One more busy day -. It was a perfect day so we went our to Kirby Park and made some color pictures and also some black & whites -. The willow trees made beautiful backgrounds. Then went out to Simmons so Jerry could go horseback riding -. We made some pictures of her on her horse. Your Mom is feeling better the last day or two and looks better too. She's having a time with her baby chicks --. Your Dad is about to pull his hair over the hogs he tried to get shipped to Uncle Homer. Late in the evening Jerry, Janice Robertson, Helen Ann Barrow (from Lamesa) Simmons girls – came out with Howard & Richard to watch them develop pictures – they do a little of it themselves -. We went out and got sandwiches & cakes & cream puffs for everyone -. More good burps -- !!!
Wednesday, April 5
V.J. stayed home and so did I today and worked for a change. We've run around so much that all of our clothes are dirty – so we cleaned house & clothes up today -. Our public will be glad to see us clean for a change --. Howard went to Kiwanis Club today for dinner and they announced he was a new member. D.J. is getting a sun tan – honestly she tans so pretty --. Poor little Judia freckles --. Richard and Howard come in for a while and string a light out to the garage for our chicks – we had to move them out – the smell, oh! Roy phoned last night that he just had 2 more hrs of flying time and he was through – they are supposed to finish the 13th --. Wish they would let him come home.
Thursday, April 6
V.J. and I invited some girls to go to the Red Cross and fold bandages and then go to the show. I invited Mrs. Paul Clark – you know he's a prisoner of the Germans. I also invited Mrs. Billy Tom Clark – he just left for overseas. V.J. invited Mrs. Don Miller – her husband is missing over Germany. Also Francile Lundy. None of us had ever been to the Red Cross before but we learned fast and enjoyed it very much. I hope we did some good to help your boys. We went to a show afterwards. Then Richard, Jerry, D.J. & Howard & me went on a picnic at 10:15 PM to the State Park. We really had fun we started to spend the night sleeping on the tables out there but Howard had to check in so – we got back in town about 12:20 -. Richard took D.J., Jerry & I home at 1:00. After a big burp from Coke & wieners I was off to sleep --.
Friday, April 7
Gosh! The wind is blowing 90 per outside but I'm going to town – anyway -. Your Grandmother is staying with your folks – oh! she's a mess. She's a perfect Mother-in-law to your Mom --! Ha! Your Mom looks a little better – but those 200 chicks keep her busy. I bought me a bunch of white flowers for my hair – and got my new dresses I bought – they had to be altered -. Bus business has really been picking up – the last two or three weeks --. D.J. got a package from my folks today -. An Easter basket & more eggs & candy & junk. Today is Good Friday and also my Dad's birthday. You should hear the radio news flashes – 100 Jap planes downed. 28 Jap ships destroyed & 10 others damaged and our ships went within 530 miles of the Philippines. Good news on Good Friday --.
Saturday, April 8
Your Mom, Dad & Grandmother left early this morning for the ranch to take the chicks our there. Your Dad worked late last night getting Uncle Homer's hogs shipped --. They have nearly worried your Dad crazy – a bunch took cholera and some died every night then he had to feed them twice a day --. He said he wouldn't go through that again for $500. There were around 250 head. Good bus business today --. They cut everyone's gas – to two gallons per week. A cards --. That makes good bus business. Richard left at 2:45 we went down to see him off --. Gosh! It was hard to see him leave --. He's such a good kid --. It made us think of when you left and your tragedy --. I hope Jerry waits for Richard – he's worth waiting for --. V.J. left for Angelo to spend Easter Sunday with Roy --.

Guy's Christmas packages from Mother are returned including Mother's fruitcake baked-in-a-tin. A letter from Lt. Bob Marshall mentions news about he and Guy's mutual friend, Tim Holt. Ikey phones long distance to tell about a letter from cousin Tom Cantrell with promising news about Guy. Also, a letter from Doris Nowadnick arrives.

   April 9-15
Sunday, April 9
Early this morning your Folks & Judia left for Angelo. I hope they got there in time for church -. We went to Sunday school & church this morning. They had two live white rabbits in the nursery dept. D.J. really got a bang out of it --. You should have seen the Easter Bunny Howard laying eggs – at 5:30 in the morning --. D.J. was really beside herself. We got her an Easter Bunny & Judia one too. She still has the precious one you gave her one year ago -. It will be a keepsake – at any rate until you return. Guy we thought of you this Easter and we pray that God will protect you and bring you safely home to us someday. Your are important Guy – just sorta the back bone of the family --. The best of luck to you Guy wherever you are and God bless you.
Monday, April 10
In the morning mail came two packages your Mom had sent you for Christmas. One was a fruitcake. There was also a letter from Bob Marshall that said the rumors about Capt. Faulkner were false he thought. He also mentioned in his letter that your good friend Tim Holt* was killed in a crash at El Centro. He said you 3 all ran around together and had planned good times when the war was won --. We hope & pray you & Marshall can make these plans come true. Doris Nowadnick sent your Mom red carnations today & wrote her a long letter. Wasn't she sweet? Bob Marshall added a P.S. and said be sure and write Kae Olivadoti because you all were good friends --. Yes, your Mom had already written her. She married March 11th to a Lt. Howard made pictures tonight – some of Roy at Goodfellow Field --.

* This is the same Tim Holt, the actor, who appeared in "Treasure of The Sierra Madre" with Humphrey Bogart and John Huston, and other films. Guy and Marshall were good friends with Holt but Marshall did, in fact, receive erroneous information as Tim Holt did not pass away until 1973.
Tuesday, April 11
This morning I read this diary a little just wondering but never feeling that my time had been wasted. Just wondering when you would read it and what you would think of it. I'm not writing this to try to impress you I write well or lousy but just to keep you posted – on what happens at home while you are away. Today four of us went to the Red Cross and folded bandages while your Mom kept the kids. V.J. & I went to the show afterwards. Faith, Charity, & Grandmother K. came by for a visit --. Then there was a knock at the door they said a long distance call – for W.O. Kemper -. Howard went to the bus station – it was Ikey --. Frances Cantrell had a letter from Tom Cantrell saying he knew definitely you were a prisoner of the Japs.
Wednesday, April 12
V.J. phoned that she was at the bus station and I told her we were just leaving to come down --. Your Mom & Dad were there, too -. What for? Why we were waiting for the letter Frances said she had mailed containing the news about you --. But there was no letter. Darn it. I wish we could get just a little information about you – but I guess we must be patient and wait. I went home with V.J. She ironed & I sewed -. I made D.J. a bonnet to wear to the country in the hot sun. Judia and D.J. played they really had time. Believe it or not they are learning to play with each other --. Howard went to the Kiwanis luncheon today.
Thursday, April 13
Your mom went to get her hair fixed early so she could be at the bus station when the mail came. Again there was no mail – your mom just went home and cried. – she was so disappointed. Big news, I worked today – Yea! 'Cleaned house - ! Pretty good, eh? Honestly, Guy – that's all the news around here – just none at all. Politics – Wendell Wilkie withdrew as Rep. Candidate this week. Now who will run for the GOP? 288 Jap planes at least 17 ships sank near the Carolines -. Good, huh? On the road to the Philippines - !! The news from the Pacific is wonderful – every paper tells of the most wonderful Jap defeats -.
Friday, April 14
WE waited for the mail again but the letter didn't come. V.J. left early this morning for San Angelo -.
Ray Olivadoti
Ray Olivadoti
(Kae's brother)
Late in the afternoon we pulled out for Angelo, too -. We found Roy & V.J. and they were going to the cadet dance so we went, too -. Ray Olivadoti was there – he asked all about you -. He told us he and Susie were leaving for Chicago the next day and was he ever happy – a 15 day furlough. Guess what? Howard was the only civilian on the floor -. Roy said, "He's got more nerve than I have –". Roy didn't have to be back at the base till 2 A.M. so we really had a good time -. Roy looks so young – honestly he would pass for 15 years old -. P.S. We thought about you.
Saturday, April 15
I made Howard get up early so we could shop around -. We looked for chicken wire and ran into more people we know. Remember L P. Ray & Miss Sullivan? They really are crazy about you -. Roy came in 10:00 and we ran over to Miss Sullivan's to give her a picture of D.J. She said, "Nope, Roy isn't a Kemper." She thinks you & Howard & D.J. are the hot stuff. We went all over town – and ate 50 times. – Steve's Ranch House and everywhere -. We ate Mexican Food, Seafood, Steak, and everything else they sell in Angelo -. Oh! yes, Howard had Beer. We stated home at 10:00 P.M. and arrived about 12:30. Don't forget the buses had to be checked in – then we went to bed – plenty tired.
   April 1 from Lt. Robert Marshall
Lt R M Marshall, USMCR
Marine Aircraft, S. Pacific
Flight Echelon, VMF-216
Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Cal.

April 1

Dear Mrs. Kemper,
Lt. Robert Marshall
I'm sorry to have waited so long to answer your last letter but we have been rather busy lately. We just got back to our rest camp and that is always a messy job of moving.

There seems to be a lot of stories going around that have no basis of truth. To my knowledge neither Guy nor Captain Faulkner have been found. I'm sure the squadron would know if any word has been received from them. I can't understand why any one would publish or broadcast things like that because they only build up false hope. If we hear any good news I will pass it on to you as soon as possible. Until then all any of us can do is hope.

Our tour this time was almost boring. Air opposition in this area has been destroyed so all we did was fly patrols. One pilot did find a stray Zero making our score twenty six. It seems like we are doomed not to have th eluck other squadrons here have had.

I have heard that Tim Holt* was killed in a crack up at El Centro. I really hate to hear it. He, Guy, and I ran around together at El Centro and had all planned a big time when we got home.

Today I received a nice letter from Mrs. Faulkner and another from Mr. Faulkner. They both seem to be in much better spirits than when I last heard from them.

I'm only glad to hear from all of you but if my letters are few and far between please forgive me. There is still a war on that keeps me busy even if I am not seeing much action.

Must close now and answer some more letters. I hope this finds you in good health and spirit.

Bob M.

* This is the same Tim Holt, the actor, who appeared in "Treasure of The Sierra Madre" with Humphrey Bogart and John Huston, and other films. Guy and Marshall were good friends with Holt but Marshall did, in fact, receive erroneous information as Tim Holt did not pass away until 1973.

   April 5 from Doris Nowadnick
Rt. 3, Box 91
Wed. Night

My dear Mrs. Kemper--

Doris Nowadnick
I am a little rusty at this typing, so I hope you will bear with me. I need quite a bit of practice and this is an excellent opportunity.

I received your letter Monday when I returned from Seattle and I was delighted to hear from you again. Thanks so much for all the interesting letters that you sent to Me. I have been busy ever since copying them for my scrapbook.

I do wish that Bill could write letters like that, but I suppose that few are gifted with the ability to write really interesting letters. He is afraid that he will say something that the censors won't pass. Then too, he is rather unimaginative and he just doesn't think we would be interested in the grim details.

I haven't heard from him in about a week, except for a card that was written in Austrailia and mailed after he returned to his home base--Espirito Santos. He just said that he was having a grand rest, getting lots to eat, and had bought loads of souveniers. I'm so glad that they got leave, 'cause I'm sure they needed it after the rugged battle they had on Bougainville. His last letter sounded desperately tired.

I heard a newscast yesterday that said that the Solomons were definitely ours now and would no longer be considered part of the combat area. So--I suppose that 217 will be moving farther in. It will probably take me months to figure out where he is and then when I do, he will write and say that he is moving. It keeps me busy trying to keep up with him

Thank you so much for sending me the map of Bougainville. I have a large one the size of a newspaper page, but it was made in November and quite a bit of it is obsolete now.

Please don't say that ---"IF Guy is alive". I just feel sure that he is. I don't know why I do, but my hunches usually work out and I just know that Guy is still alive somewhere. If you remember, they are still finding survivors of the USS Houston and that was sunk long ago. So--don't give up hope. I firmly believe in miracles and always have.

I do wish you could be out here in Washington now. This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The trip down from Seattle Sunday afternoon was wonderful. All along the way, I saw trees covered with white and pink blossoms, heather in bloom, and the mountains covered with snow and huge fir trees. I just sit and gape all the time at the mountains. They are such a change after the flat plains of Texas. But I still like Texas better than any other state and I always will.

The article that was written in the McMurry paper surely was nice, wasn't it? I know that you appreciated it. I had no idea that Guy was such an outstanding student. He was so modest that he never mentioned any of it.

The past two weeks are sort of an anniversary for me. I met Bill a year ago the 31st of March. It was shortly after that that I met Guy. I'll never forget that night. We were at the Cadet Recreation Center. He sang for us. He surely does have a lovely voice. Poor Bill, tried for months, to learn to sing tenor like Guy, but the attempt sounded so horrible that he finally gave up-- thank Heaven.

It is very late and I have to write another letter or two. So--I had better stop for now.

Do let me hear from your again. Your letters are so interesting and I enjoy them so much.


Mother's cousin, Tom Cantrell, writes a letter to his wife about Guy being taken prisoner of war. Letters from Doris Nowadnick and Ikey. Ikey offers her theory about Guy based on Tom's letter and what the fortune teller told her.

    April 16-22
Sunday, April 16
I got up early and went down to your Mom's and dressed D.J. – and off we went to Sunday school. Howard met me at church. Yes – I said Howard met me at church – even if the alarm clock did run for 55 min. Your Mom and Dad went to the country like all good country folks do -. We ate dinner at the Pig Stand – then came home and rested & loafed most all the evening -. V.J. came back from Angelo about 1:00 – you know she has to get ready to leave so she can leave when Roy does -. He's going to Mission -. Hot place I hear – And I mean the weather!
Monday, April 17
Remember the letter Frances Cantrell was supposed to send -? Well, we haven't gotten it yet.Dorothy Jean and Judia We dressed Judia & D.J. in their dresses alike and made their pictures -. I hope they are good -. Howard built the chicken coop -. The chicks are really proud of it, too. This evening we went over to Carins and showed the color pictures made when Richard was here. We went by Simmons and got Jerry so she could see them too. Then we took them by and showed them to your Mom & Dad -. We had Jack Bats projector. Remember 1 year ago today you had a date with Frances Lawlis – well she married today – yep – the gal married --.
Tuesday, April 18
Wow! What a washing I had done today – and I ironed everything including 14 shirts -. V.J. left early with Judia for Mission -. Howard brought your Mom out for her to see our chicken coop and she hadn't gotten that letter in the mail -. She was so disappointed -. Just as Howard & your Mom drove away, Jim Thorp phoned the letter had come special delivery -. The letter sounded funny, it seems he (Tom) wrote to his wife in code & she wrote & told Frances – "I bet Maude was upset to hear Guy was a prisoner". Howard says there's nothing to it but I think there is --.
Wednesday, April 19
Well, ‘Tis Wednesday again and Red Cross day for we gals -. Yes, six of us folded bandages and then went to the show -. Your Mom kept D.J. Every Wednesday at 12:00 the Kiwanis have a luncheon so again Howard goes to Kiwanis and he really enjoys it. Your Dad went to the country – you know it's sheep shearing time and so they sheared sheep today -. Your Mom got the longest and most interesting letter from Doris Nowadnick in the morning's mail. She's so sweet to write your Mom -. Did I tell you the Nowadnicks are going to name their first son Guy – after you – swell people – huh? I phoned my Mom this evening, she said Horace was at the replacement center, Camp Beale, Calif. And expecting to be shipped your way anytime -.
Thursday, April 20
Howard got up real early and took the McMurry Seniors out to Cobb Park for a picnic. Early in the afternoon your Mom, Dad, D.J., and I all went out to the ranch. Your Mom worked on her cabinet in the house while your Dad sheared sheep. D.J. & I built a playhouse and it was a good one, too -. You must come out and play some time. While we were out at the ranch, Howard slipped off and went to the lake – and it rained on him and he had to come in. Tonight Howard went to a Boy Scout meeting -. He and Mel Thurman are going to try to promote a Senior Scout troop here and surrounding towns -. I think that's nice.
Friday, April 21
Today – well I'm puny -. It's not often I'm sick any more but once in a while -. Here's a secret – I'm getting well - & fat again -. I stayed in bed most of the day however I did get Baby's hair washed. Your Mom's hip has been hurting her for about a month and she wouldn't tell anyone – the mess! I'm going to take her to the Dr. if she will go -. It kinda worries me -. She stayed in bed and rested most of the day. Your Dad went to the country and sheared sheep -. His name was in "Chousin' Round". Hmmm, even our "Pop" breaking into print -. He's giving us competition -. All the papers are full of Pre-Invasion news – everyone is trying to guess the day, etc. -. All I know, it's coming soon.
Saturday, April 22
I took D.J. to the Dr. today for sometime she has complained of her throat hurting – and hasn't been singing much lately. I wanted the Dr. to check her over – so he tells me he'll take her tonsils out next Spring -. This Fall I'll have her at home and then next Fall she starts to school -. Did I tell you Dickie Dane got married? Gosh everyone is getting married or having babies -. Darn 'em I'm going to join ‘em if Baby doesn't stop prayin' for a baby sister each night. Howard and Baby & I shopped most all afternoon buying stuff for the bus station, etc. There are more pretty songs – now I wish you could hear them you and D.J. could sing them -. But there'll come a day -. Just you wait and see -.

   April 17 from Doris Nowadnick
Rt. 3, Box 91

Dearest Mrs. Kemper -

Doris Nowadnick
I got your sweet letter this morning and was deighted to hear from you again.

I had intended for the flowers to arrive on Easter and I still can't understand why they didn't, as I ordered them on Friday and Mother got hers in Corpus Saturday. However, under the circumstances, I'm glad that they were late.

I've certainly been lax with my correspondence this week. I usually write four or five letters each day, but I received six letters from Bill this week and I always write very long letters in answer to his. I write every day, but it's much easier to write when I hear from him.

You know, sometimes I get awfully worried because it's so hard for me to remember what he looks like and the sound of his voice. I have lots of pictures, of course, but it's hard for me to close my eyes and get a clear picture of him. I wonder why that is? It isn't that I don't love him - for I do - with all my heart, but he just seems so vague - as if he were part of another life. I'm sure I sound like a psychiatric case and really don't know why I'm telling you this, as I've never mentioned it to anyone before. But it has worried me a great deal lately. I'm so afraid that we will be strangers when he comes home to me. We had such a short time to-gether - only four and a half months and, even though they were the very happiest days of my life, I just wonder if we can ever recapture that feeling. I suppose the main thing I'm afraid of is that he'll be changed - will be hard and bitter. And before he left he ws so sweet - just like a little boy, really. His letters sound just the same, but -- Oh, well I guess I've been reading too many stories lately.

When Bill wrote his last letters, he was back from his week's leave in Sydney. He said he had a grand rest and had gained eight pounds. He said that they would be sent up north - where I don't know - in about two weeks, which would mean around the 20th. He said that aerial opposition now was practically nil. But - the best news he sent was, that by the end of June, they will be two-thirds through. You'll never know how happy that makes me.

When he comes home, we're going to Corpus to see my folks and if you don't mind, we'd like to drop by to meet you and your family. I'm 'specially anxious to see your little granddaughter as I've heard so much about her from Guy.

It's late and I must write to Bill. Let me hear from you when you have time.

All my love

   April 20 from Ikey
April 20, 1944

Dear Maude:
Ida Mae Tune (Ikey) - Mother's sister
I was so glad to get your letter this A.M. I tho't I'd never hear from you. Now Maude before I go any farther I want to call your attention to some facts in Frances' letter.
She said Tom wrote his wife about Bro. 5 or 6 weeks ago.
Guy was missing in Dec. This Woman in Mingus said the battle started in the air and finished up on land. Any way she said he was taken a prisoner on land during a battle. Alright now this may be just my idea but I think it's a good one and may prove out right. He was forced to land that day and he landed on another island and this was the island Tom was on. Maybe the officers didn't have any way to notify Guy's Co. or before they could another attack took place and then was when Guy was taken prisoner and his shoulder wounded. You know Guy was not trained to be an ordinary soldier and I imagine that is what Tom is. While Guy was there some of them learned Guy's name and that he was from Texas (he might have been there two or three weeks) and then after the battle he was missing and this is why Tom knows it instead of Guy's Co. This woman could tell me how it happened if I ever get back over there. But the most important thing now is to hear from Washington and that it is so (which I am certain). It's all happened as she said so far and I think you'll have to admit that she's plenty good so far. She's so good you can't hardly doubt the rest. She also told me my Marie was going to marry within this six mo. and you know it's been sometime since I was over there. I believe it was the first part or the middle of Feb. I don't know but I'm sure it was a long time before Marie J's birthday. It could have even been the last part of Jan. but anyway it would be between now and July or Aug according to the time I was there. And said he'd be a brunette not a tall polly like Cap. but some taller than Marie and that she'd be in Calif. before the year of 1944 is out. She'd be there with her husband as this is where he'd be stationed. She went with a fellow some while in Abilene and still goes with him and writes to him ...

Oh yes I must tell you about the little dog. We buried him last Sat. with a lot of tears and love.
Write soon. Love Ida Mae

Follow-up from the Marine Corps
Letter from the Marine Corps

Mother writes to Tom Cantrell for more information about Guy.

   April 23-30
Sunday, April 23
Dorothy Jean and I went to Sunday School and Church -. "Poppie" didn't make it this Sunday – the sleepy head -. After church D.J. and I ate dinner with your folks and had the most enjoyable dinner. Sunday afternoon Howard went to the U.S.O. and served cookies and coffee to the soldiers -. He really had a good time. Yes, Mava was there, too – she has a big time down there entertaining the soldiers – I think she walks down there most everyday -. Poor kid is so lonesome she's got to pass the time away -. When Howard came home I had a big dinner fixed for him he seemed to enjoy it -. Your Mom & Dad went to the country again -.
Monday, April 24
What's Monday – why wash day – of course! So I sent my laundry off -. D.J. and I went to town and I shopped & shopped -. I sent my Dad a little gift for his birthday & Mom one for Easter – better late than never -. I went out to Mrs. Tates' and ate supper -. I got some Texas Bluebonnets and a horned toad out there to send to my cousin in Italy -. Yes, I said horned toad -. So you think I'm crazy – well – confidentially I do too -. I came home & ironed -. Your Mom dreamed about you last night -. She dreamed you came home and how wonderful you looked, etc. She's so thrilled she dreamed about you because she hasn't in a long time -.
Tuesday, April 25
Hurrah! My Istersay sent me the cutest blouse today and some plates to hang on the wall – and D.J. a play suit -. What would I do without my Sister & Mama, huh? I worked today – honest I did – so tomorrow I may play -. Well, well ole Rita Mae Bigony is getting married too June 3. Your Mom wrote to the International Red Cross and asked them to check and see if you were a prisoner of the Japs. Maybe they can tell us something -. She also wrote to Tom Cantrell over on Bougainville that said your were a prisoner maybe he can tell her where he heard it, etc. Gosh! Guy it would be a shame for anything to happened to you – you are too valuable to lose – valuable to us and your country -.
Wednesday, April 26
It's that day again, Red Cross for me and Kiwanis for Howard -. You know Charity doesn't do anything much so – I asked her to go to the Red Cross with me and she didn't much want to but she really enjoyed it -. Guess who called today? Grace Garrett – yes she was anxious to know if we had heard any news from you. Your Mom and D.J. went up and visited with her awhile. She has a son 2 years old. Then your Mom & D.J. went over to your Grandmother's house she was over there cleaning up a little -. A bit of news -. Everyday our bombers bomb Berlin and all over the European continent and there are hundreds of bombers unloading their bombs every day. The numbers are unbelievable.
Thursday, April 27
I had worked 'til 3 A.M. on a scrapbook and, too, kinda waiting for Howard but he didn't come home. When I woke up this morning Howard hadn't come home at all -. I phoned Lloyd Bridges sure enough he & Howard were discussing fish. They are nuts when it comes to fishing. I made a batch of candy for "Poppie". Today was Club day for you Mom -. And by the way your Mom dreamed of you again. Someone will say, "Do you really think Guy will come home?" and you should hear D.J. – she speaks right up - "Why sure when the war is over." I hear it's plenty hot down where Judia & V.J. and Roy are. I just wonder how little old hot natured Judia will stand it -.
Friday, April 28
I fixed up a package for this cousin of mine in Italy and got it off in the morning's mail. I sent him a box of Texas soil, Texas bluebonnets, a horned toad, box of candy, a funny book, some pictures, and western stationery -. I hope he likes the things -. sick today her throat again – and cold -. I've kept her in bed all day trying to break it up – but no luck so far -. She had a nightmare in the night – and scared me stiff. Poor little thing screamed out that her bed was full of worms and there was one up in the air going to get on her -. She had a fever when this all took place – she was sick -. I hope she doesn't pull that often -. I can't take it.
Saturday, April 29
Baby is still sick today – it worries me when she's sick -. I made gingerbread and Howard ate all of it after eating a big supper -. It said "16 servings". I made some more and sent it to Horace today – poor fellow – I'm afraid he'll have to go over soon. I sent a little token holder to Ikey for D.J. and some pictures of her and signed D.J.'s name -. I know she will be surprised. Gosh! Those Japs are really in "Hot Water" now – they abandoned Gasmata not so far from Rabaul and have knocked out the air field at Hollandia, New Guinea – and they are bombing Guam, the Kuriles and many more islands – nearer and nearer Japan proper – everyday -.
Sunday, April 30
Your Mom & Dad came by on their way to the ranch and brought D.J. a little gift -. Some real cute pajamas -. She's still sick today she sure hated to miss Sunday school -. Jim Long the night mechanic got drunk – so Howard talked to him for 2 hrs. trying to straighten him out. – then he went out and got drunk 30 min. after Howard talked to him. So Jim Thorp comes by the shop drinking too & he and Jimmy got in a big fight -. Jim T. socks a negro who just walked by. Yesterday a driver was drunk driving a bus and they had to take him off -. Oh! those drunks they make me sick -. It rained off & on all day -. Howard left this evening for the lake to spend the night -.


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