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McMurry Marching Band
McMurry Marching Band - 1940
McMurray Indian Band
McMurry Indian Band
Guy Kemper, Drum Major
Guy Kemper, Drum Major - 1940
Guy with tenor sax
Guy (at center with tenor sax)
Joseph Olivadoti In the summer of 1941, Guy attended a music clinic and gained much admiration from the instructor, Joseph Olivadoti.

Coincidentally, Guy was well acquainted and friends with Olivadoti's son, Ray, who also played saxophone with many bands and orchestras.

That same summer, Ray introduced Guy to his sister Kae. Guy and Kae Olivadoti became very good friends and continued to keep in touch though, during this time, the Olivadoti family resided in Chicago .
Joseph Olivadoti   

About Joseph Olivadoti -
Though perhaps not widely known or recognized, Joseph Olivadoti is the most published American composer of band music. Besides composing, his great passion for music led him to organize several bands and conduct music seminars across the country. Among his works are: Air Waves March, Hall of Fame March, The Colonel March, One Autumn Day Waltz, We're the Navy, and Avalon Nights.

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