McMurry College, Abilene, Texas
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"It was the best class ever."
- Ronel   
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Class of 1942
Guy Kemper, 1942 Graduate
Senior Class Favorites
McMurry Class of 1942
McMurry Class of 1942
The women are wearing their senior dresses made of a blue linen type fabric. These were worn one day a week, probably on Friday.
Senior Class Men   Senior Men Lineup
Senior Class Men
Lucille Rucker Lucille Rucker Chessmore, friend and fellow McMurry Graduate recalls:
"I was in Math classes with Guy. At that time, the enrollment at McMurry was very small with many of the young men going into the service before they graduated. As a result our upper level math classes were quite small, often with as few as 3 persons. Usually, two of those were Guy and me.

You mentioned Miss Jennie Tate. Yes, I knew her quite well and she taught all my math classes except for freshman Algebra taught by Mrs. Helen Latham, who was also the librarian and Trigonometry taught by Josephine Palmer. She also taught in the music department.

Our graduating class was quite small, but we managed to hold together and have a good graduation."
Totem '42   Senior Class Honored at Dinner PartyGuy Harmon Kemper
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