Ko Sari
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Ko Sari

Ko Sari is a fraternal order which stands unhesitatingly for the high conceptions and rich idealism of our America democracy. A freedom of will, the traditional rights of the individual, and a deep respect for the Supreme Being -- these qualities which are the very foundation of McMurry College.

Ko Sari is an order which makes as its primary aim the promotion of united brotherhood among its members, and close friendships upon the McMurry campus. Ko Sari belives that friendship is the enduring rock which makes the realization of it ideals possible. That is the reason for Ko Sari's existence.

To Harold Thomas, an understanding and Knightly sponsor, Ko Sari is deeply grateful for his loyalty and sincere fellowship.

Harold Thomas
Harold Thomas, Ko Sari Sponsor
Ko Sari
Kemper Takes Office
Lunch in the gym
Ko Sari members Berry, Sonny, and Shanks enjoying lunch in the gym
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